Dallas Workshop and a little surprise

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Had another fun workshop last weekend in Dallas (Plano to be exact).  Met a handful of lovely ladies from the area, even a few traveled in from Louisiana!  I just wished there was more time to chat about life in general with each of them, but I think they all came out feeling much more confident using their cameras!  Here are some pics from the day:

Below, I took a head shot of Aimee for her business.  She recruited 3 people to come to the workshop with her, so I took this pic as a thank you!  She currently runs two blogs and is in the middle of merging them.  Check out Lulu Pink Parties (she threw a fun lemonade stand party that was featured on Hostess with the Mostess) and A Lil Black Dress.  Thank you, Aimee!

I like a “shooting” shot, and I was without my camera…..

 My awesome friend Natalie hosted the workshop at her lovely home (and I took her cute family pics before–you shall see soon).

For the surprise…. a BIG announcement tomorrow, you Arizona peeps, keep watch!

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  1. Ooooh! I hope the surprise is you are coming to AZ!!!! If so, can we talk family photo session? PLEASE!

  2. Look at me on the Kristen Duke blog! Thank you so much for the profile picture, the class, your thoughtfulness, the information-well, the everything. I am so thankful Mandy Mixon shared your class info with me- we had so much fun and it was humorous to watch our husbands stare at us confused as we discussed our ISO settings later that day. Oh, and the Velvet Bake Shop is a must the next time you visit your friend in Plano! 🙂

  3. Kristen, thank you so much for the workshop! I had so much fun and enjoyed meeting everyone. It was so helpful to have you there to explain manual settings to me. Your workbook was so thorough and the examples were a bonus. I really don’t think that there is any reason for me to ever move that dial again. As a matter of fact-I have kept my camera with me ever since. I think I can shoot anything!

  4. Thanks, Kristen, for a lovely morning. I feel more confident and sound much more technical with my photography skills. Having both the the little & big books were quite the bonus. I think I can tackle any picture that is taken with sunlight and will be able to figure out any other shot. I am so glad Aimee decided to come with me. We had a wonderful afternoon together eating lunch, enjoying cupcakes, and talking about ISOs, f-stops, and shutter speeds.