Decorating a large wall with Photos

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I’m so excited to be here as a part of Kristen’s series. I love bringing photos into the home to remind us of loved ones far away, times we don’t want to forget, and document our lives. I think this series is such a fabulous idea and am excited about incorporating more photos into my house already, aren’t you?

In case we haven’t met, I am Courtney of Sweet C’s Designs. I love to take photos, and have thousands on my computer, but not many on my walls. I love decorating my house, but finding beautiful ways to incorporate photos as gallery walls always seem so hard to me. I am not a great planner- I like to just kind of do things spur of the moment, which doesn’t mix well when hanging photos.

That’s why I am really excited to show you some fun and easy tips I found to create a gallery wall without a ton of stress. And even more importantly, I am sharing a secret not-so-pretty past from our entryway- a huge, oddly shaped, blank and ugly wall that greets everyone when they enter our home. I had a hard time figuring out what I could do to make the wall look less massive (it is in our living room and spans half the width of our house as it turns into a walkway to the family room) which isn’t always something you see covered in blogs.



Who wants to make a wall seem smaller, not bigger? You’ll know exactly why I wanted to change things up and get some tips for your problem walls, too! Be sure to enter the awesome giveaway below and then stop by to see how to give a large wall visual interest with photos!


Thank you, Courtney!  It is really hard to figure out what to do with large walls, this looks great!

If you’ve missed any of the posts from the Decorating with Pictures Series, check them out HERE or click on the image below. Every day in February is packed with 2 inspiring posts, each with a giveaway from a fabulous brand! (If you need help taking better pictures, in a few posts, I’m giving away my Say NO to Auto beginner camera Workshop on video AND my books as well!)  Follow along in the series!

Decorating with Pictures Ideas

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  1. Marcy says:

    I love this series!! Such a great source of ideas. Thanks to you and all your creative contributors. I wanted to let you know that I received an error when clicking on this link: ” and then stop by to see how to give a large wall visual interest with photos!” and I want to see more 🙂


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