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SO happy to have one of my DEAR friends sharing a piece of her home today! How fun that she posted an image of the two of us together at the top;) Blogging really has brought me to know some wonderful/sweet/talented people that I otherwise would have never known. Kojo is that friend. LOVIN’ her frame and I LOVE that this post pushed her to get something fun up in the walls of her new abode!kirstin, kojodesignsHello Capturing Joy friends! I’m Kirstin, half of the sister team that blogs at kojodesigns, and I’m so excited to be here today as part of Decorating with Pictures. I adore Kristen (we hung out at a blog conference last spring and I can’t wait to see her again this April), love her blog, and love the premise of this series!

I should probably ‘fess up- when Kristen emailed about Decorating with Pictures, I glanced around the house we’d just moved into with not one single thing hanging on the walls and thought, “Maybe this series will motivate me to hang something up in our very-blank space.”

DIY picture window by kojodesignsAnd here we are, a few months later, and this “Picture Window” is the first decor I’ve hung on the walls (in my defense, we’ve been a little busy tearing down walls and remodeling the kitchen).

Can I be honest about something else (I know we just met, but any friend of Kristen’s is a friend of mine)? I have a hard time incorporating pictures into my decor. In my ideal world, I’d put up pictures and then update periodically so that all of the pictures aren’t from That One Vacation in 2007. But I’m an onto-the-next kind of girl and don’t ever actually update.

metallic repurposed windowThat’s why this Picture Window is working for me. The casual, clothesline-of-snapshots (that are hanging on hooks, not behind glass in frames) seems like something I might actually be able to stay on top of and keep updated.

Don’t you want to make one too? You’ll need-

-an old window, any style you like (I found this one at an architectural salvage store for $10)

-wires and eye hooks, the same width as the window openings

-metallic paint, optional (I used some Martha Stewart paint that I found at Home Depot- I think ‘vintage gold’ is the color)

-black cardstock


painting a window with metallic paintFirst paint your window (if necessary). We’d previously used this window (made coral) in Piper Jane’s nursery, but since she and my son Burke share a room now, it doesn’t work in her new space. I primed the window and then added the metallic paint. Add eye hooks and wires along the edges of the frame.

how to make your own picture displayNext cut a whole stack of 4″x4″ squares from black cardstock. Also, cut your photos into 3″x3″ squares.

DIY picture display by kojodesignsCut a whole batch of coordinating washi tape.

make your own picture display with a repurposed windowTape the photos in place, in the center of each cardstock square.

repurposed window tutorialClip the mounted pictures onto hooks, hang the hooks on the wires, and you’re done!

window turned picture frame by kojodesignsOne easily changeable photo display perfect for customizing your space.

Thanks for having us Kristen! Stop by and say hi anytime at kojodesigns, friends!
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  1. Adorable! Love this idea.

  2. Thanks for having us friend! If you have any other series that’ll fast track my decor projects, let me know. 🙂

  3. I love it! I’m such a fan of changing up pictures, it takes the pressure off of trying to find the “perfect” one to hang, which always seems so elusive to me. Great idea!

  4. Where did you find the clips with hooks?


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