Decorating with Portraits at Craftaholics Anonymous

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Hi! My name is Linda and I’m a craft addict. After a small intervention from the hubs, I started a craft blog called Craftaholics Anonymous. I’m happy to be here on Kristen’s great blog to show off how I’ve decorated with family photos around our home.

But I have to warn you, we just moved a few months ago…. and then the holidays hit… I’m still in the process of decorating our new home. {isn’t moving the worst? gah.} So I still have loads of pics to unpack find places for on the walls!

This is my favorite grouping….{ok, so its the only family pictures I have hung so far. shh!} These family portraits were taken last summer right before we moved from Richmond, VA. They are some of my favorite pictures of my boys and seeing them on my wall makes my heart so happy.

And the frames. LOVE the whimsical frames! They have so much character and add to the picture. I finished the frames myself and love how they turned out.

These are my 2 rambunctious boys. {love them to pieces} I am teaching my 3 year old how to count and he loves to practice counting by counting the pictures in this grouping. I mean, what better way to learn how to count than counting pictures of those you love, right?!

Thank you, Kristen, for having me over to play today! You can find me at Craftaholics Anonymous.

happy crafting!