Decorating with Portraits at Mommy Goes Green

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Hi y’all, I’m Tiffany from Mommy Goes Green. I’m excited to be sharing our stairwell gallery wall with all of Kristen Duke’s fans!

I am a lover of having photos in our home, it makes it personal and warm and the kids love seeing themselves plastered all over the walls. One of my favorite spaces in our home is the gallery wall in our stairwell. I am running up and down those stairs multiple times a day so I always catch a glimpse of some of our favorite family and friends.

As we’ve moved over the years, I’ve reconfigured this gallery wall to fit the new space, using more or less frames and changing out the photos to capture our current life. I’ll leave you with a few steps for the next time you want to build a gallery wall, the quick and easy way.

  1. Trace each frame onto a piece of paper, making a dot on the paper for where the nail should be to hold the frame.
  2. Tape the papers onto the wall where you want to build your gallery wall, reconfiguring them until you come up with an arrangement you like.
  3. Leave it there for a few days. Live with it. Make changes as necessary.
  4. Leaving the papers on the wall, put nails through the nail dots you made in step 1. Then pull the papers off the wall.
  5. Hang your frames.

Steps 1 – 4 may seem like more work, but I PROMISE it is worth the extra bit of time. Speaking from experience, it will save you from multiple measurements, crooked frames and extra nail holes.

Come back tomorrow to see what’s next in the Decorating with Portraits series, I’ll be here to join you!