Decorating with Portraits at Rebekah Westover Photography

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When decorating with photography in your home its important to find a nice balance of art, decor, furnishings, and personal photographs. I am a professional and career photographer, and the amount of photos I have of my family, children, and my travels is so large its overwhelming. While I could easily fill ALL of my walls with hundreds of photographs, I instead chose to display my favorite photos of my family and children. I don’t want my home to be a “shrine” to my photographic work. Which it easily could become if I were to hang up too many personal photos. I want my home to have aesthetic appeal, but also personal meaning to me and those who live in it. I also want to have my carefully chosen FAVORITE photos to have impact when they are seen. Too many photos of your walls dilutes the impact of that ONE great photo.

As the photos illustrate, you can see a balance between interior decorating, art on the walls, and touches of personal photographs incorporated into my spaces.

For my FAVORITE photos, I chose to print them very large to take up entire wall spaces. Above my fireplace is a 20×30 portrait of my children made when my sweet baby was just 2 weeks old. My children are now older, but I love the photograph so much that I will keep it up for many years. Classic, beautiful, and precious personal photos are the photographs that should be chosen to be LARGE on your walls. Large photographs can be expensive to print, so its important to chose something you LOVE and will want to look at for a long time.

In my family room, I have a giant 30×45 sized gallery wrap of my children in a blossoming orchard. I chose to have this printed in black and white as it matches all colors and style of decor, and is so timeless. If you notice, the picture doesn’t look HUGE on the wall. That is because photos lose their size when they are hung on large walls. Therefore, you generally will want to print your photos quite large to really use up all that blank wall space. You can also notice that the adjacent wall in the family room has large antique maps hanging on it. Its a nice balance between personal photographs and other styles of art.

In other areas of my home I have chosen to do either wall groupings, or small framed photos placed on surfaces. In my bedroom, I had a large white wall that needed a little photo love. Instead of placing one large photo on this wall I wanted to make things a little more interesting by doing a wall grouping. In this particular wall grouping you can see that I chose to mix and match frame styles and colors. I also opted to do a mix of personal photographs and artwork.

In my daughter’s bedroom I have a canvas gallery wrap wall grouping. Each gallery wrap is 16×16 in size and the collective grouping takes up a large amount of empty wall space.

Throughout my home I have placed 4×6 and 5×7 sized photos on tables, shelves, and dressers. I’ve grouped them with antique cameras, or other accessories to achieve a stylistic flair. This size of photo and display is great because the photos are easy and inexpensive to update as your family grows and changes.


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