Decorating with Portraits with Kari at U-create

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Let me quickly introduce myself. I’m Kari and I blog over atUcreate.
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We feature all things DIY, including: home décor, sewing projects, before & after ideas, party décor, kid’s crafts…you name it! Come on over and say “hi”!
How amazing is Kristen Duke?  I’ve been a big fan of her photography for quite some time and was lucky enough to have her take my pictures last year during her visit to Utah….and she is AWESOME. She has a fabulous way of working with children, capturing true personalities, and is great with color and lighting. 
My kids LOVED her!
I’m so excited to be a part of her “decorating with portraits” series! Let me share my photo wall with you.
I had a dilemma. I had this huge tan wall that was long, skinny and blank….and BORING. It needed serious help.
Nate Berkus (who I think is the decorating King) said that every room should have a plant and a photo. I haven’t gotten to the plant bit yet, but I grabbed a few of my favorite frames and printed out some of our family pics and…
My Photo Wall.

photo wall - Ucreate

It’s the first thing people see when they enter my home and I really love how it turned out!
Emmy  family pics
It brightens up the whole room, and now it’s my favorite wall in the house!
Thank you for having me Kristen!
Picnik collage