Do you see the Family resemblance?~Virginia photo session #1

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I’ve known these guys for quite a while…they are family after all.  Can you tell the resemblance of one of them with one of us?    This couple met when they were freshman at BYU.  One came from big city California, the other from small town Utah.  They seemed to know right from the start that they would end up together.  Just after their freshman year, they parted ways when he served a 2 year church mission in Italy.  They both felt it was important to date other people during their time apart…and they did.  Just a few months before he came home, she went to serve a mission of her own in Chile.

Once reunited after about 3.5 years….everything fell into place quite nicely and I got to watch it all unfold.  They married just 3 months after us and their oldest was born a month after my oldest.


In my opinion, they are a perfect match.

And look at these adorable children?  With the addition of #3 recently, big brother and sister are amazing helpers!

Might I add that this cute little guy came a week late, was nearly 12 pounds, and momma wasn’t allowed an epidural because of medical reasons…but he was well worth it!

Below, my little assistant complete with sticky sucker in hand.

I always love myself a red barn, and this is just down the street from their home.

From pictures I took nearly 3 years ago on the beach, they have a large print in their home of the family walking away, so we took a similar shot.

 Oh, and on the trip, I took 1554 pictures…the winner is Agnes! Email me;)

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  1. Great pictures! So jealous that you got to meet baby J already. ;O)

  2. So lovely!! I was so happy to finally meet one of your other lovely ladies that I have heard so much about! I love the red barn and the red accents. Love them!

  3. These are FABULOUS!!! I am so glad you got to take their photos! Makes me wish I had been there – Dylan is on his way out there right now, WITHOUT ME, to do grad school interviews, and gets to stay with them and meet little Jonah. Argh.
    Great photos, Kris. Gorgeous lighting, and such an awesome location!

  4. Ah.. The red barn looks so cool! I knew it wasn’t so close to us for nothing. We’re already planning to redo the color scheme of our living room to match. Thanks for the fun!

  5. I love the red barn and the beautiful sunset. They look like such a sweet family. Great job!

  6. These are beautiful, such a sweet family! I love how vibrant the colors are, your amazing!

  7. Joanna Thorsen says:

    I’m glad Mom & Dad tipped me off to where I could get some more pictures of the newest baby. Beautiful pics! I also couldn’t believe how big your baby has gotten I didn’t recognize her! Been a long time since I’ve had time to look at blogs. I’m home sick so it cheered me up.

  8. Nice pictures. Making me miss them and you! Glad you got to see them! Haven’t seem many pictures of baby J, so it was good to see him here.

  9. Tandy Liebhardt says:

    I LOVE these! I left you a post on your e-book comment section that may tell you a little more about WHY I love these particular pictures so much! Absolutely fabulous!