Easter Bunny String Art

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If you’re looking for a new piece of art to add to your Easter and Spring decor, you will love this Easter Bunny String Art.

Easter Bunny String Art
Hi there! My name is Jen and I’m visiting from Elevate Everyday. I’m so excited to be sharing this fun Easter Bunny String Art today.
The thing I love about string art is you can really make anything you want. Simple or intricate, it looks so cool!

Easter bunny string art

I used 2 silhouettes that I found on Google images. The bunny and the basket. I usually use a 8×10 piece of wood, but you could use a larger one if you wanted. I spray painted this piece of wood gold.

Lay your paper on top of the board and nail all around the silhouette. I use wire nails that are either 1 x 18 or 3/4 x 18. They are under $2 at Lowe’s. For a picture of the nails, check out this deer string art. Use as many or as little nails as you’d like. The more nails add for more string and detail. I also added some nails on the inside of the ears so that I could make them pink.

*This is important for me. Take a picture before you tear off the paper. Maybe even take a couple of detail. Yes, with the paper on there it looks simple, but once you rip it off, you will not be able to see the outline of your piece.

How to make Easter Bunny String Art

Ok, to get started! Tie a knot on any nail and start wrapping. There is no wrong or right way to do this. I’ve been asked before how to know where to go. Play around with it. If it doesn’t look right to you, unwrap one line and try a different route. I like the way it looks when the lines are more diagonal. I don’t like straight vertical or horizontal. That is just my preference so sometimes I have to unwrap and find a different spot.

I like to wrap all the way around the silhouette for the first layer so I have a good idea of the outline. I also like it when the string is on the outside of the nails. For example if you are going right to left, you will wrap the string clockwise around each nail. If you are going left to right, you will wrap the string counter clockwise around the nail.

Each time you wrap the string around the nail, push it down close to the board so you can continue wrapping if you decide to come back through the pattern for another layer. It will get harder to push down the string if you wait until the next time you come through.

I used Red Heart Crochet Thread size 10. I barely used any for the basket colors. This would be such a fun craft to do with friends because you will have a good amount left over! At the end, tie 2 knots again and you are done!
Easter decor

I love how it turned out, it’s getting me so excited for Spring! Are you ready for Spring?

cute Easter decor
It goes perfectly with my new sign that I made at a fun craft group this month. A girl in the group brought a bunch of cute printables from Eighteen25 and I picked this one. It inspired the colors for my Easter basket string art. There are 2 options on the site, a bright and a pastel. Love them!

Easter bunny string art on displayThanks for having me visit today Kristen!

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