Easter Dress Shopping with Gymboree

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Easter is coming up in a few weeks, and I’ll admit, I don’t tend to get into it as much as some other holidays. Maybe it’s my childhood disdain of pastel colors (hence the BRIGHT EASTER ideas post) or not caring for bunnies, but I often don’t think of fun and springy Easter dresses for my girls until I’m walking into church on Easter Sunday and notice that everyone is spiffed up a little extra that day. Every once in a while, I’ll think of it the day before. But in all honesty, we’ve probably only done the “new Easter dress” thing 2 times, but I really LOVE the idea, I mean, any excuse to coordinate my family and take pictures, right? What am I thinking? I actually thought of it this year, and made some mental plans to go out shopping, and seriously the NEXT DAY, I got an email from Gymboree asking me to share about their #OneBigHappy campaign, and to select a few dresses to write about… and I could hear the hallelujah chorus singing…this-is-your-Easter-dress-answer.

Where to find cute Easter dresses

Each Spring, whether it be Easter or Mother’s Day, I like to gather my peeps and take a fun family picture. That’s my One Big Happy, pictures! Not just any snapshot, but something memorable, and I realized a long time ago, that it’s important to coordinate clothes for pictures, so it looks more cohesive. Of course you can take pictures without all that coordinating, but it is something that makes ME happy, to plan the clothes, and capture my family doing something fun.

Easter dresses at Gymboree

I’ve always loved the bright colors and coordinating patterns that Gymboree has to offer. And I love that that go up to size 12, my oldest daughter can still wear their cute clothes.

Pink and yellow spring dresses

My girls sure love to be my models, and they were delighted to select their own Easter dresses on the Gymboree website. These pink and yellow dresses remind me of the Pink Lemonade birthday party outfits we had for my older daughter a few years ago.

Spring accessories for girls

Everything you see from the dress to the cardigan to the sandals to the purse and bracelet and necklace is from Gymboree.

Easter Accessories and sandals for girls

My girls are quite enamored with their new spring sandals–pink for the young one, and an eyelet white lace wedge for my older daughter.

What makes you HAPPY in the springtime?  We already have the bluebonnet flowers blooming here in Texas, love those pretty flowers.

skipping in Easter dresses

Which dress is your fave? Pink flowers or yellow stripes?

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