Everything you Need for Successful At Home Workouts

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I’ve been a gym rat for about 4 years. I went faithfully, met friends at certain classes on M/W/F. My days were planned around my workouts, my pre-schooler went to the child care, it was a perfect picture of healthy, at least aerobic. Cardio was my fave. I went from not liking working out and eating whatever I wanted, to actually enjoying that boost of energy I got each day from the exercises. Two years ago, I concentrated on toning, even got a personal trainer at my gym, worked with her for 6 weeks, then she had to cancel because of family commitments, and I never got that toning I really wanted. I went with my husband to try to do weights at the gym, and I guess I never stuck with it long enough to see real results. When I started teaching the early morning bible study class in August, I was kinda over the gym. I wasn’t getting the fulfillment or the results I wanted, so I cancelled my membership. I’ve been focusing on working out from home, and really just doing bare minimum. Trying not to GAIN weight. Well, when my mom passed away in November, I stopped all that, and ate lots of Chick-Fil-A french fries, because with that CFA sauce, it’s my happy place. That and a good DP with vanilla at Sonic. Then came Christmas treats, and well….I think you know where I’m going with this. New Year, new resolve. I love being at my home, so quiet and I sit at my computer so much, I’ve decided I just need to make the best of at home workouts. So I’ve gathered some of the items I use, in hopes they can help you out there, too!

Getting fit in 2016? Check out this list of everything you need for successful at home workouts on Capturing-Joy.com!

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With that, I leave you with aids for your at home workouts! Click on the links below to be taken to the source to purchase on Amazon. Some links contain affiliates, which I receive a small percentage if purchased, at no cost to you. It helps me keep this blog going!

Getting fit in 2016? Check out this list of everything you need for successful at home workouts on Capturing-Joy.com!

Exercise Cards Just ordered these and excited to use them more! Great for travel.

Getting fit in 2016? Check out this list of everything you need for successful at home workouts on Capturing-Joy.com!

Kettle Bell Set

hand weights for at home workouts

Hand Weights Different sizes for different activities

yoga mats

Yoga Mat Choose your favorite color! I’m REALLY aiming to teach myself some yoga this year.

medicine ball

Medicine Ball–I love mine for side to side crunches

resistance bands

Resistance Bands–LOVE this for strengthening my bum muscles. Someday I’ll have to share a video of what my trainer husband says helps.

exercise ball

Exercise Ball Very BIG, but great for so many activities

water bottle

Water Bottle Under $10

Pricier water bottle, but so amazing is this:

And my sis in law Kim’s FAVORITE water bottle, that she can’t live without! It’s pricey, but apparently the best of the best, worth the investment. The hydro flask insulated water bottle. I’ve really wanted to try this (keeps cold water cold for 24 hours). Seriously, when she came to visit last year from Tennessee, she forgot it, and asked me to ship it to her. When I retrieved it in my home, the next day, there was STILL ice in it from the day before—what?!?

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