Family of 7~Utah trip

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I LOVE meeting new friends! I’ve always said that one can never have too many friends, and meeting new people is surely one of my favorite things. So many untold stories to discover. I “met” Amy online through her blog a while ago. Have you ever done that? Found a blog that you just completely identify with and get excited to learn more about them each day? There are just a few stranger blogs that I like to go to, but Amy and her craftiness recently inspired my craftiness. She posts about fun things she does with her kids and how to involve them in craftiness and fun holiday activities–which I LOVE. When I realized she was in Utah and I was headed to Utah, I thought it would be fun to get together. Though I wish we had more chat time, photographing her family told me plenty–there is a lot of love going around. My hubby came as my assistant while my grandparents watched my kids. Once again another fun new location for me!

Who doesn’t love an old rusty train?

And these wall colors? Love them. I want that green and brown wall in my home. One of my favorite family shots below

As I was snapping a shot of one child, I stole this moment of Amy huddling with 3 of her children to keep them warm.

A husband and wife rarely get a picture alone together. I try to do this with each family session.


Little one didn’t love our plan, above.

Such good and happy children.

Family Hug

 Smiley girl

 Loving mom

I love how the two kids in the middle are looking at each other below:)

Amy, it was so much fun to meet you and your adorable family! My hubby asked one of the kids what they got for cooperating (it just seems inevitable that there is some sort of bribe treat) and they said slurpee’s. Though they were chilly, I hope they enjoyed those slurpee’s because they earned them!
As we were parting, Amy said we needed to take a picture together, and I’m so glad she said that! I just wasn’t thinking. She also gave me a gift, which I had completely forgotten that I asked her about a few months ago. She makes and sells key chains and I asked if she was able to make one to replace that I have that I loved. I then forgot, but she remembered and surprised me with it. I love it!

My son snapped these of me as I was wearing it today (why didn’t I smile a little better?). I’m sure Amy could make you one if you wanted, too! I love that I can wear the strap through the store and get my keys ready with one hand. LOVE it!
Now go check out Amy’s blog, The Idea Room, and be inspired to be a craftier person, a more involved mother, or just to read in amazement all the ideas she comes up with…inspiring.

P.S. Pics of my family and I in the snow coming up next. SO excited about these!

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  1. Kristen…Oh My GOODNESS! They turned out SO great! I love them. Thank you so much for taking them. It was great meeting you and your husband! I know how to enlarge pics. I will email you the info!

  2. shari berry bo-berry says:

    if you host your pics somewhere like photobucket or flikr, you can post the direct link into your blog post at the original size you saved it. do you have the updated blogger posting settings?

    great pics by the way!! HOW COOL that you got to meet Amy! 🙂

  3. Hey, did you try to use that new downloader like someone suggested last time you asked? I tried it and it works fabulously.

    Great pictures, as always. Someday I'm going to have you take some cute pictures of us… :o)

  4. The pictures turned out great. I'm from Utah and I don't think I've ever seen that location. Where is that at?

  5. Kristen Duke Photography says:

    Shayna, it's in downtown Ogden by the train depot. Email me if you want more specifics!

  6. Yay, it worked!

  7. I admire your tenacity in meeting new friends and doing nice and wonderful things…and your talent, always your talent! I love the pictures!

  8. How fun to see you on Amy's blog! I follow her blog too! Love your stuff!


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