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Hi! I’m Tricia from Dunlap Portrait in Austin. 
I admit that I have been terrible about getting photos on my walls because I have a difficult time “committing” to a photo that will become a semi-permanent fixture on my walls.
I decided that I just need to “go for it” and my criteria for choosing most photos was that a great memory was attached to the photo.  
My family on a canoe trip made a home BIG on my fireplace mantel:
I do have one collage of mainly black and white photos in my bedroom that holds images of grandparents and great-grandparents when they were much younger and in the center is a recent color photo of my family – kind of like a small family tree all in one place.  
Here is my son’s room:

www.thealbumcafe.comMy dining room has one very large canvas of what I call “accidental art.”  We were on a family road trip and my kids were taking photos inside of Carlsbad Caverns with a point and click camera.  Something about the blur caused by them not holding the camera still created what I think is a cool effect, so I decided to use it as abstract art in our dining room and they can proudly claim it as their own and it also reminds us of a special family vacation.  

Thank you so much, Kristen, for always being an inspiration to get our photo memories printed and displayed for our families to enjoy!  
Thank you, Tricia! I love how there are pictures all around your home. Tricia is my dear local photographer friend, who took our Paint Fight Family Pictures last year!

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