Family Portraits at Home

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This is my new favorite type of portrait session. I love photographing a family in their home, doing what they love to do. When I suggested it to my friend for their upcoming session, she was thrilled about the idea, and I heard later that her husband was just as excited!  They have a lovely home, and sweet children, and I simply adore the images that came out of this session. They are the orthodontic team that have manned the braces on my family so far.

First, we started in mom and dad’s bedroom, as the whole fam piled on the bed and cuddled.

Then we moved into another room and played their favorite family game–Pass the Pigs! My kids also LOVE this game! It was fun to be a fly on the wall…

We then went into the kitchen where everyone helped prepare a favorite meal–pancakes!

I hear it is dad’s specialty…

Too bad you can’t hear the oldest saying, “Ewwwww!” I reminded them how much they will be grateful they saw that later in life;)

Not only is this a gorgeous piano below, but I had to snap a pic of the canvases hanging on the wall from their family portrait session last year. I love to see my work hanging in the homes of my clients. Makes me so happy;)

Snitching some cookie dough…

Another family love? Wrestling with their dogs…

It was a really fun session, and I was there just over an hour. I would love to have more clients do portrait sessions in their homes because they are so much more relaxed and fun, and show truly what each family loves to do that makes them unique and special.  My family may or may not have just done this a week or two ago…;)  The hardest part is making your house presentable!

Do you have a favorite?


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  1. I like all of them..

  2. I LOVE this post! What a great idea!! Such a gorgeous family and home too!!! Wow. Are you going to post any of your family’s shoot at home? I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d love to see them. Beautiful photos as always Kristen! 🙂

  3. Love this session Kristen. Plus I have some HOUSE ENVY issues now! (in a non-covetous kind-a-way 🙂 )

  4. Love the pictures! Great idea. Gorgeous family!

  5. SO cute:) just fyi the link to their session last year goes to amazon. Love your work as always!

  6. I love the 3rd picture on the parent’s bed! What a fabulous idea! Everyone really does love snuggling in parent’s beds it seems.

  7. Love the one with the dogs at the end! Really fun.

  8. You have a beautiful and happy family. Love the family bed pictures.


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