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Hey friends! I spruced up my family room with a new little table, and I wanted to share the finished look!  I partnered with At Home, purchasing items for a high end look at a low cost.  For a long time, I wasn’t interested in any kind of coffee table or foot rest in our family room. I liked it open, easy for the little ones to roll around on, etc. Well, my littles are bigger now, and every time I go to a friends house to sit on their couch, and prop my feet on an ottoman or coffee table I think, “Dang, I kinda want one of these at my home, to prop my feet up.” It just seems to be a TAD bit more comfortable to put the feet up, you know?


So, when I was roaming around At Home, looking for inspiration to spruce up a small space in my home, this cute little folding table just SCREAMED my name..”KRISTEN…You want to take me home!” And he was right, I did want to take him home. It was up on a high shelf, and when I didn’t see anyone handy within .02 seconds, to got on my tippy toes, climbed just a touch, and pulled it down.

I then was on the hunt to find something cute to put on top of it, you know, to look cute in my family room.



There was too much cuteness around the store. I really wanted to find pieces that would work year round, and then add in holiday touches here and there. With At Home products, I found that I can get affordable designer style without breaking the bank, and I’m always a fan of that.  I mean, who isn’t a fan of that?


I got everything on this table (plus the table) at At Home, except the 2 white books (those are from our travels) and the flowers.

  • amazing vintage looking camera
  • silver sphere ball
  • Navy rope tray
  • white rectangle vase
  • silver bowl
  • decorative balls inside of the bowl

Everything for under $250 right there in that picture.

Here is a little peek into my shopping trip. I was in love with all of the white vases


And then an image I texted a friend seeking help while I was shopping


I’m not sure how long At Home has been around, but it’s quite new to my area. I’d only been inside one other time, and I was rushed, so didn’t get to peruse much. I spent plenty of time this trip…

Here is what I learned:

  • Each week, Ath Home has over 500 new items stocked
  • You can find everything from decorating to entertaining sold inside: artwork, lamps, vases, furniture, textiles, housewares, patio, rugs, seasonal
  • You can decorate every room in your house with what you’ll find inside
  • At Home believes in expressing yourself through home decor

Here is another angle into the room from the other direction…which way is best to face that camera? I do adore it.


Do you have an At Home in your city? If not, that’s ok, because you can shop ONLINE, too!!!

And see this table…perfect for propping up my feet.





Find At Home online: #athomefinds, @AtHome

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of At Home. The opinions and text are all mine.

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