Family Room Makeover {diy}

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I’m happy to share today, my JUNE room of the month…my goal is to post it by the end of the next month, and here we are on the last day of July!  Introducing, my Family Room Makeover. This room is where we spend the most time as a family.  We play games here, we read scriptures, have family meetings, watch movies, take Sunday naps, read books, cuddle on the couch, build forts, and it’s connected to the kitchen…so it’s a WELL used room. I never really had a whole lot of inspiration for this room in ways of color. We’ve had the sliding barn door covering the TV for a while, along with the green painted hutch underneath. Also love my turquoise trunk that was given to me from a friend. I always saw the green and turquoise as accent colors, and didn’t really know what other colors to pull in. The room got painted gray in May, and I decided on navy blue accents around that time. Family Room Makeover DIY #diy #makeover


Here is a little of the before of the room when we first moved into our home (when we still had a small tv hidden behind that armoire) and the mod podge pictures I made.  Our old couches, too.

Family Room Before


Then this is how our room was until May when it was painted. Builder Beige walls, not a lot of character in my opinion. I had the pale yellow curtains, and just wasn’t loving them anymore. You can see the vintage windows turned picture frames off to the side.

sliding barn door TV cover

I’m very happy with the calmer feel with the shades of blue and gray now with a touch of green (nevermind that orange milk jug–think I might paint that a navy blue or yellow). For now it adds a touch of fun and bright to the room.  The bluebonnet circle image is printed on metal from my photo lab, I took that picture a few years ago and love it.

diy family room

The canvas on the mantel is a picture I took under a pier we snorkeled under in Puerto Rico a few years ago. It’ my standard “non holiday” set up. I love re decorating my mantel for the holidays. You can see my summer mantel, Christmas mantel, 4th of July Mantel, Easter Mantel, and Halloween Mantel for just a few. I love having a mantel to re decorate for different occasions! I often change it for my kids parties, too!  I’ve been collecting the Mason Jars in all sizes since my grandparents Mason Jar Party, the bike and yellow clock are from World Market, the fan from Ashley Furniture. My mother in law found the mini blue Ball Jars at a thrift store in California–LOVE THEM!

diy mantle

My sister in law makes vintage handmade items with fabrics (follow LumaBlumaHandmade on Instagram–she just started), and made my scrap fabric garland patterned after this one from Little Miss Momma. I LOVE it! It adds just the right touch of whimsy to the room, and makes it feel like an everyday party–which is what I love;) She also sewed the fabric to the bottom of the World Market curtains I bought (and then we bleached from off white to white).  You can see our family song off to the left.

Family Room diy

The extra fabric strips were used by the kids in a made up game–I love their imaginations;)

fabric strips

Here is a view from the kitchen I took from my Citrus Kitchen Makeover post. The kitchen wasn’t quite this clean for the Family Room shoot;) See my instagram post today to see the major mess that was happening AROUND this room while I was photographing this room…just keeping it real;)


Family Room Projects

I’ve had these skeleton keys for a LONG time. They were up in my old house for several years, see them here. I found a few more at Hobby Lobby and spray painted them white and used the same fabric strips to hang them. I love this touch!

skeleton keys

I used the gray color STORM from Benjamin Moore. I’m mostly happy with it. In some lights it looks blue, but in the pictures here it looks gray, so that makes me happy. If you want to hear my kids sing the Duke Family Song, you can hear that. The Barn Door TV cover is one of my favorite pieces that my husband built to cover the eye sore of the TV. I love TV, but I don’t want to see it when I’m not watching it.

I’m very happy with how it turned out, and until I pull out Halloween decorations in late September, it will stay this way;)  It’s a gathering place for my family, and I kept carpet in there on purpose…we lay around and wrestle on it, and I wanted it to be comfortable. I also don’t have a coffee table because it just gets in the way of that stuff–it’s not all about the decor or aesthetics for me, but what works for my family.  The open space is much more cozy to us.

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  1. Very cute! Love everything about it 🙂

  2. I love your makeover!! That’s such a great paint color too!! I also love the vintage window picture frames!! I have several around my house {one is a picture frame and the others are mirrors}.

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Thank you!!!! That paint was the second shade I painted it…forgot to share my experimental pictures! The frames are one of my faves!!

  3. Loving it! Make sure to link up at my Work it Wednesday party when you get the chance!!

    xo, amy

  4. Wow Kristen! Love everything you’ve done. And it was fun seeing the evolution – all the changes you’ve made. Good job!!

  5. It looks great! I love the before picture with your daughter hiding in it. So cute! Your floor plan is awesome, and I love how cozy this space feels.

  6. You’ve been inspiring me with all your room redos! Love the mason jars on the mantel and the fun touches of color throughout the room.

  7. What a pretty room! I especially like the barn door covering the television. Great idea.

  8. Looks great Kristen! I had just painted our family room a nice light gray then we moved and now I’m back to beige again! lol I think I’m going to have to hire out to paint, because of vaulted ceilings and the hallways and everything will have to be painted as well.

    I love all your colors!

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Thanks, Cheryl! Yes, you are starting all over with a fresh palette in the new house! We had some high ceilings in our entry, I hired out, too.

  9. Such a great space, love the pops of color against the gray and dark brown. It took me FOREVER to find a gray that didn’t look blue in our house!!

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Thank you! It does still look blue at times, but it’s gray enough that I tell myself that over and over!

  10. love it! and hey i know julie via instagram!! she had posted a photo, and i loved that picture of the canning jar!

  11. Where did you get your sectional? It’s the perfect size and shape for my room, although my room would need the opposite orientation.

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Pretty sure it was Macy’s maybe Dillards. My friend had the same one, and for two years I adored it, and finally got one, too. It was more of an investment that I prefer, but I do love it!


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