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It’s that gift giving time of year again!!! If you stress over your list of loved ones, and struggle to find the perfect gift for birthdays or the holidays, fret no more.  25 creative bloggers have gathered together to share THEIR favorite things in a gift giving guide, and nearly all of the items are under $25!  This list can offer a long lasting gift guide to refer back to when you need that special gift, along with links to where you can get them.   Sometimes, giving a practical household item is just as exciting as the extravagant gift you are stress-fully looking for, but we also have super cutesy and impractical, too! I am so excited to share  my favorite things, along with these other creative bloggers.  Even more fun, is that you have the opportunity to win a gift basket mailed right to your door!

Here’s what to do:

  • Take a quick glance at the gift collage below
  • Scroll to the bottom to see mine up close with details and links to buy my favorite items
  • Enter to win my gift basket at the giveaway below ($175 value)
  • HOP to all of the other sites to enter to win their gifts!
  • Look around and enjoy the sites of the 25 creative bloggers–they will not disappoint!


shopping list


 So much fun, right?!? To view closer shopping details and links on where to purchase each basket item, simply HOP on over to the links below, where you can also enter to win the giveaway on their sites. blog hop

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22. The Savvy Photographer

23. TidyMom

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25.Your Homebased Mom

basket of gifts Here is a picture of MY favorite things in the gift giving guide!!! I thought about this for weeks before I decided on anything, and then I just kept thinking of more and more things I love that I wanted to share!  I’ve got some of my favorite snack items, along with some pretties, and also my home. I purchased all of these items myself, and they are from my heart MY favorites!

{Pause for a brief moment to appreciate all of the items sticking out “just so” because it was TRICKY to arrange it all to be seen in one picture.  If you are the pinning type, feel free to pin both the collage of all items, along with my individual basket gift.}

Favorite Snacks

1. Dole Real Fruit Bites I LOVE this under 100 calorie snack. Mango is my favorite flavor. You can buy them in bulk here.  2. Dove Milk Chocolate covered almonds are my weakness. I can eat this whole bag in one setting–but I shouldn’t!  3. Emerald Natural Almonds 100 Calorie packs stay in my purse at all times. It’s a great pick me up when feeling hungry during the day.  4. My kids call this “Lemonade Gum.”  The Ice Breakers Cubes lemon containers gives me a little boost of sweetness (Hard to find lemon, but Target usually has it or online). 5. Just because it says it’s for kids doesn’t mean I can’t have the Clif Kids fruit ropes. LOVE these bad boys, and so does the fam.

Favorite Kitchen Items

6. This all in one avocado slicer tool is my FAVE!  I’ve only found it at Crate and Barrel, and grabbed a few for some upcoming holiday gifts as well. (see close up pic below). If you know someone that loves avocado’s, they will love this.  7. When I saw that Crate and Barrel also had this dual LEMON & LIME juicer (dual citrus squeezer), my jaw dropped! I have one of each, and the combo is genius! A similar model can be found here. 8. IKEA’s grater/container has been my favorite for years. I’ll often gift it for bridal showers or house warming, because I’ve never liked the vertical graters–awkward! It also has a lid if you don’t use all the cheese. 9. This mini strainer from World Market can be decor, or actually used. I do both! I like to include it as a prop for my food photography, as well.

Favorite For the Home

10. The Bath & Body Works coconut lime anti bacterial soap is my fave, and has been for many years. I stock up on it so I’ll never run out. (Just found out they have shampoo, too!) 11. I recently found this yellow porcelain berry basket dish at Anthropologie, and it is a sweet little kitchen decor item. It mimics the paper berry containers. 12. Scentsy wall Plug-In Warmers are my fave. I am not a fan of anything extra on my counter space, but I have a Plug-In, in nearly every room of my house. 13. My favorite Scentsy wall plug in flavor is blueberry cheesecake–yum!

Favorite Accessories

14. It’s no secret that I love photography, and this cute little camera keychain has a button with a little flash and sound that even my daughter loves! Just spotted these colorful cameras, too! . 15. My Target turquoise sunglasses I wore all summer and continue to wear. I love the unique and fun look. 16. Yellow nail polish from Forever 21–enough said. 17. This navy lace headwrap from Forever 21 is so adorable. I love a little something cute on my head when I go out. 18. I love to support small businesses (like myself) and Hoop-La earrings had my heart from first glance. I have at least 10 pair of these, and give them as gifts to my friends for their birthdays. 19. This Vintage Globe necklace, I spotted on the neck of one of the youth girls I teach, and I HAD to have one! I just love the detail on this with the binoculars, and I had to get a whole bunch for future gifts. 20. Charming Charlie is the place to go for accessories of any kind, and I think a silver (and gold) key necklace is a simple staple for everyday (find a store). 21. I LOVE stationary cards with colorful envelopes. It’s kind-of a must for me: no boring white envelopes with my thank you cards! I fell in love with this fun pink and orange pattern from Target via Gartner Studios.

Favorite Learning Tools

22. I’m a BIG fan of learning and teaching photography, and Say NO to Auto is my favorite!  Though I wrote this book, it is STILL one of my favorite things that I like to share and gift to people when I hear they just got a new dSLR fancy camera, or simply frustrated with the camera they’ve had a long time. It is an immediate download e-book or printed copies can be purchased, and easily slips right into the camera bag! Read the many reviews (also on Amazon)!

Altogether, my gift basket is worth $175, but all items individually are under $25, so very affordable gift giving ideas! So do you want to win it?!? See below…Here are a few up close shots:


fruit snacks

  win the basket   So who wants to win my basket?!?   Are some of MY favorite things YOUR favorite things?  Have I shared something you’ve never seen before? Introduced to a new item? Enter 1 or 6 times to win here: {CLICK on the rafflecopter link below if you don’t see it show up.}

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Winner outside of the US will have to pay shipping over $10.

To see more Christmas family ideas, click on this link or on the image below!

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  1. I also love the Clif Kids Fruit Ropes…for me and the kids!

  2. Liberty Cameron says:

    LOVE the avacado tool! I could use one of those!

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    Also, I LOVE that hand soap, and the almonds. 🙂

  9. Hen Marciano says:

    I love the porcelain berry basket dish, so cute!

  10. Christy Carlson says:

    Love coconut lime from B&BW!

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  13. Jennifer H says:

    Love your gift suggestions!

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  17. I am loving seeing all these great gift ideas…Thanks for some Christmas gift giving inspiration…Definitely want to try the Dove chocolate covered almonds and the lemon Icebreaker gum–I see a trip to Target in my future tomorrow…

  18. Karin Hanson says:

    I love the camera keychain, too. there are so many cute ones to choose from, like the old-fashioned looking moustache that plays “well, hellooo there” when you push the button. it’s just funny !

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    I have the IKEA cheese graters, too–and love that my kids can use them.

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  31. Love anything from Bath & Body! Thanks!

  32. I must say I DO love Say No To Auto and can say that because of you I have said NO to Auto I am still learning but am much more comfy w/what I am doing w/my camera and can not thank you enough!

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  130. I love the globe necklace! The kitchen gadgets are always a favorite…didn’t know they sold avocado slicers.

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    Have a beautiful Thanksgiving day in a couple of weeks, right? 🙂 enjoy Kristen!

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    Great gift ideas, thank you!

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    Thank you for that! 😉

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    Love all the kitchen tools! How genius is that lemon lime juicer!!! I actually have one on my Christmas wishlist 🙂

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  290. The Say No to Auto book. I’ve always wanted to take a class but I’m always so busy so that would be perfect to help me get better photos of not only of my munchkins but the furniture I paint as well.

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    Thanks for the fun giveaway!

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    Great Stuff!

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  333. isn’t new to me, but i LOVE the earrings!

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  342. Shanna Uptergrove says:

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  353. Ellen Jenkins says:

    Loved all of your favorites! The globe necklace is my fav!

  354. I just tried posting but not sure if it worked. I love your whole basket but I especially love the “Say no to Auto” book. I just got a DSLR camera and I am still stuck in auto but I desperately want to learn how to use manual mode. Pick me. I need help!

  355. Girl, you’ve got style! Love the gift ideas! I clicked on every single one of the accessory links — now they’re all on my wish list!! 🙂

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    My husband LOVES avocado, so I know the slicer would get a lot of use in our house!

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  378. Stephanie Quinn says:

    Camera key chain

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    I love your gift ideas! Every single one is awesome. Lovely gifts! 🙂

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    What a great idea for a giveaway – and I’m finding wonderful blogs along the way! Thanks!

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  447. Kristin PG says:

    I’ve never tried anything by Scentsy, but I’ve heard great things about them!

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  449. I love that you included a goodie from IKEA! I totally love IKEA and I haven’t yet seen this fun tool, so even if I don’t win, i think I’ll have to check it out!

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  458. Your “Hoop-La earrings” . .thank you so much!

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  460. Those chocolate covered almonds look dangerous! Love the sunglasses too 🙂

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  462. Your book Say No to Auto sounds really good. I can’t say that there is a goodies in your basket that I wouldn’t love to have.

    Thank you for the giveaway offer!

  463. So many new things, so much jam packed in your basket and it looks lovely.
    I can’t pick so many thing to love!
    The porcelain fruit basket, the earrings, the book the chocolate! ahhh! so much 🙂

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    An avocado slicer? I must buy one of these if I don’t win!

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    I absolutely love the Anthropologie berry basket.. The yellow would add a bright accent to your home.

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  486. Linda Barringer says:

    I love it all!!!

  487. Victoria M says:

    im loving all your accessories!

  488. The IKEA grater is definitely one of my favorites too!

  489. I’d love that avocado slicer.

  490. so cute!

    i am a dove chocolate girl, ♥bath and body works and the camera key chain is adorable too and absolutely LOVE the globe necklace 🙂

    so many fun new ideas, i love it ALL 🙂

  491. Maria Aguilar says:

    i love the lemon squizzer

  492. I would love to win this!! I love the Globe necklace as well as the lace headband. And I don’t know who can resist some dove chocolate 😉

  493. So many fun things. I think the lemonade gum sounds delicious!

  494. Kelly Guerin says:

    I love everything!! I would love to win… ! The chocolate, the avocado slicer, and the coconut lime soap–to name a few!! 🙂 YES please!!

  495. I love the gum and camera keychain! Thanks!

  496. I love the World Market colanders! So cute! Never heard of them…I will have to see if I can find one near me!

  497. I love the World Market colanders! So cute! Never heard of them…I will have to see if I can find one near me!

  498. I LOVE all the kitchen items! I want to give the avocado slicer to my man…he makes amazing guacamole! I would also love the book and the keychain! 🙂 I;d really like to try the soap and also the food items…actually I think my kids would love them even more! And I looove the basket!

  499. Oh my, that is one amazing basket! I love the camera key chain – my kids would get a kick out of it!

  500. I like the avocado slicer and could put it to great use 🙂

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  503. Fun! I already love a lot of the items–the grater the scentsy plug ins…but many are new to me and I would take those risks like you are always saying I should! Very fun stuff!

  504. Mandi Roth says:

    Cute basket. New to me were the Dole fruit snacks.

  505. I love the Dove Milk Chocolate Covered Almonds Too!

  506. I love the sunglasses, I have the exact same pair!

  507. Heather Spooner says:

    Scentsy is new to me. I’d love to try them. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  508. I must have the avocado slicer! Such a cool gadget.

  509. Awesome bag! I love the photography book – I need all the help I can get! And the jewelry is super fun.

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  511. I love camera book and the lemonade gum…….yummy!

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  516. olivia tokarz says:

    Love everything in here!

  517. i’m a key collector so i am in love with the key necklace

  518. Love the avocado slicer! I need one of those!!

  519. Cool stuff

  520. Loving the IKEA grater container, so clever!

  521. Samantha Buntin says:

    I love the navy head wrap, sounds cute!

  522. Izzy Wittwer says:

    I always have the almonds in my purse too!!

  523. Love your basket. There are a few new items I have not tried yet but some I have – love Scentsy, Dove and anything from Bath and Body!

  524. Kathy Davis says:

    The avacado slicer is new to me. Where have I been? Would love to have one.

  525. I love your basket! The bright lemon juicer is my favorite!

  526. Hoop la earrings

  527. Coconut lime is one of my favorite flavor/scent combos!

  528. Carrie Ross says:

    The lace head wrap from Forever 21 is new to me. I have short hair so hair accessories are my fav!

  529. Staci Jones says:

    So many fun things!

  530. I love your basket. Anything with Dove is good. 😉

  531. such a great things!!! really like the citrus squeezer and note cards

  532. Crossing my fingers!

  533. Love the basket!

  534. There are so many things in your basket that are also my favorites, but I think, hands down, the Bath & Body Works Coconut Lime is my ultimate must-have! My sister bought this for me as a gift a few years ago and I’ve been using it all over the house since! Shampoo, lotion, hand soap and lotion, plug in scents for the bathroom and bedroom. It just reminds me of the best vacation I’ve ever had in Akumal.

  535. What an awesome basket!! I also love the Bath & Body Works Coconut Lime soap!

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway! 🙂

  536. I’ve never tried the Ice Breakers “lemon aid” gum, I’ll have to give it a try!

  537. I am in love with those earrings. Crossing my fingers I get picked!

  538. Alison Shoepe says:

    I love the fruit bites too! The apple ones are my favorite 🙂

  539. avocado slicer looks brilliant! also would love the “Say no to auto” book!

  540. Lemonade gum – yum so stalking target for this.

  541. The globe necklace is very cute!

  542. Jessica Wohld says:

    I love that yellow berry basket from Anthropologi!…so cute!

  543. I feel like I need to go out and buy all the kitchen items you mentioned. I’m not sure my life has been complete living all this time without an avocado slicer! I also love the jewelry.

  544. Love everything… need to find the real fruit bites…

  545. Rebekah Stockton says:

    Dove covered almonds are one of my favorite things, too.

  546. I love the avocado tool!

  547. What a fun giveaway, loved your basket!

  548. Holly McCreary says:

    What a fun basket and some great gift ideas. Love the earrings!

  549. Michele ºÜº says:

    What a wonderful gift basket!!! I’d love to win it!!! (It is very kind of you to offer it.)

  550. gail lucero says:

    Love the fruit snacks.

  551. susan candland says:

    i am hearting that grater! 🙂

  552. I love the avocado slicer tool and the grater! I also love the berry basket and mini colander 🙂 adorable!

  553. Rosie Sharrard says:

    Clif kid fruit rope is totally new to me, and looks like it could be a delicious healthy replacement for twizzlers!

  554. love the “berry container” super cute!

  555. scentsy – yay.

  556. Whitney Moberg says:

    I would love to try IKEA’s grater/container! It seems like it would be so handy! Thanks for the giveaway!

  557. Love the Anthro berry baskets!!!

  558. LOVE the variety of items!! Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  559. Love all of your favorite things! Especially loving the jewelry you included.

  560. i love that grater too!!

  561. I like the lemon juicer

  562. mary fanara coleman says:

    Since photography is my hobby I would say the camera keychain.

  563. I have been longing for some Anthro berry baskets! Love them!

  564. Denise Wilson says:

    love natural almonds

  565. Love the avocado slicer!

  566. We are big avocado fans in this house… Going to need to look into that slicer tool!
    What a great basket! Thanks for the giveaway!

  567. Huguette E. says:

    Most of your things are new to me. I also love the Dove.

  568. I’m all about the avocado slicer!!!

  569. Bianca Andrea says:

    I would love to check out your book if I win, My dad gave me his old Nikkon and I am still trying to work on my photography skills. 🙂

  570. Almost everything in this basket is new to me! Most intrigued by the avocado thingy majingy 🙂 What great items you’ve selected!

  571. Candice maudsley says:

    I want to try the lemonade gum!

  572. I love the yellow porcelain berry basket! So cute!

  573. I would love to try the lemonade gum! What an amazing basket.

  574. Such great items! I love the scentsy plug ins too!

  575. Love all of your ideas. I have to get one of those ceramic berry baskets-adorable! I know a few people who I will be buying that camera keychain for Christmas. Thanks for an awesome giveaway.

  576. I’m wanting to check out that grater as well!

  577. Holly Curry says:

    Love the Avacodo gadjet

  578. I need that avocado slicer!!

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