Final 2011 Beginners~Say NO to Auto~ Workshop

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I did it!  I completed my workshops for the  year!  I decided to cut it off for the rest of 2011 because the next few months are my busiest for  portraits and I don’t have any travel plans set in stone.  If you are in Texas, comment below and I will put you on the notify list before I post them next year.  I will likely do one somewhere in Texas in January or February.

I was so excited that my favorite local shop, The Yogurt Experience, was willing to host this workshop for me.  I liked it MUCH better than tidying my home perfectly and kicking my family out for 2+ hours;) If you haven’t been in there (locals) you need to go check out my artwork on their walls!  It’s been hanging for over a year now, and it brings me such joy each time I go in and see it (though I don’t go as often as I would like).

I had 12 eager pupils that left with big smiles, so I think a job was well done;)   I do enjoy teaching what I’ve learned over the years, and happy it is helpful to others.

Well, I didn’t take the shot above, but CLEARLY I am explaining a VERY important point;)  Like my cute ring?  Given to my by Ashley a.k.a. Little Miss Momma.  She has lots of cute stuff like that in her shop. After talking in the yogurt shop for a good hour and a half and making sure everyone understood the buttons, rules, etc. we headed outside to practice with partners.

The cute girls above have graced this blog before…do your recognize Nikka and Bailey above?

See a peek of my artwork on the walls below?

I just love a group shot with cameras to the face!!!  Remember, if you want to be on a future Texas list, comment below or contact me via email;)

Here is a fun collage shared by an attendee of some images she took (me in action):

Click here to see more pics of The Yogurt Experience–love how colorful it is in there!

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  1. I loved this workshop, Kristen! I really did learn so much. Thanks for doing it!

    – Meg

  2. Please put me on your list for 2012. I live in Boerne, so I’m right in your next of the woods, so to speak!

  3. This looks like so much fun! I’d love it if you’d put me on the list for next year. Thanks!

  4. Thank you so much Kristen! This was an awesome experience, I loved getting to know what you do and it made me appreciate photography 10 times more! 🙂

  5. Currently practicing all your good teaching tips at a family reunion – thanks, Kristen!

  6. Amy Skaggs says:

    LOVED this workshop, Kristen!! I feel like so much finally came together for me with my camera. I had so much fun practicing when I got home. I would highly recommend this workshop and would love to see you offer more workshops. I would totally come!! Any chance a Photoshop workshop could be arranged? 😉

  7. Hey I have that dress!

  8. Please add me to your workshop list for 2012…thanks!

  9. Dana Reeves says:

    Please mark me down for 2012. I would love to attend a class. I live in Tyler,TX. Sitting in on a class given by you is well worth the drive.


  10. Carolee Wieneke says:

    Please add me to your 2012 workshop list. After retiring this October, we’re going to be spending some time in Texas and would love to attend one of your workshops. I’ve been a long time admirer! Thank you!

  11. Tamara Wagner says:

    This workshop helped me so much! When I originally bought my camera I tried to read the manual and figure out the manual settings by myself and could never put all the pieces together. “Say No to Auto” helped me make the connections I needed to take a great picture without auto!!! I am so happy I took this class!

  12. Katie Parker says:

    I would LOVE to come to a workshop in Texas. Please put me on the email list for updates on for future workshops!

  13. I would like to be put on the Texas list for your 2012 workshops. I have enjoyed your blog!