Freebie Friday~yesterday

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I wanted to make sure everyone knows about my Facebook Freebie Friday. Yesterday, I shared 2 fall images (I forgot last week) from my trip to Vermont 2 years ago. Here’s how excited I was to photograph covered bridges, in Vermont, with the fall foliage splendor:

It was mine and hubby’s 10 year anniversary trip, and we brought along our 6 month old baby.  She was a trooper!


I’m saving some of my favorite shots for future facebook freebie’s;) If you’re not on facebook, but follow my blog regularly, comment below and I’ll hook you up;)

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  1. I am not on Facebook but I follow your blog DAILY! I love the hints you give and all the beautiful pictures.

  2. I am not on facebook, but I follow your blog regularly. Oh, and after taking your class here in Utah I have been working on my pictures and all of the sudden everyone is commenting on how much better they are looking (and that they want me to take pictures of their kids! thank you so much.)

  3. Not on facebook either, but check your blog regularly…would love the updates!! Love your photos and all of your tips and suggestions! 🙂 Thank you!

  4. I’m not on Facebook but would love your updates! I check your blog regularly and love all of your tips and suggestions!

  5. lorene holbrook says:

    I am a follower here on your blog. i would love to like you on facebook. can you hook me up? LOL….



  6. I had to smile at the fact that my husband & I had a 6 month old baby on our 10 year anniversary trip, too! 🙂 The other children stayed with family. We celebrated on the north shore of Lake Superior.
    Beautiful photos!!

  7. ok, love the photos!! vermont has been on my “places to visit” list for a very long time!! *MUST GO*

  8. I really like this place!