Gloves on Very Jane & Second Stitch Fix

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My friend Shelley sells cute accessories, and today she’s got a deal for gloves on Very Jane!  I took these pics for her last week…so if you want some fun winter gloves, head on over and grab ’em! I love that they are finger-less, with a thumb hole.

Very Jane Shopping

Follow her facebook page, Cottage Street Boutique,  to catch her future sales early. {She just started her shop, so help boost her numbers!}

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Now onto Stitch Fix, do you remember when I shared my first Stitch Fix post???

I loved hearing all your votes in the comments, my fave was the green shirt!  Now, onto my second box. This one seems more eclectic than the solids before. Not sure what to think, and I’d love another vote! I’m pretty sure I’m keeping the striped skirt and necklace. When I refer people, I get credit, and I earned enough credit to cover the cost of a few items. So, it makes it worthwhile to try it out.


Stitch Fix



In this box, I got:

1. Black and white striped skirt, I love stripes, it’s a great length, very versatile, cute waistline, too. (Love it, plan to keep it) $40

2. Patterned dress. Love the style, not a fan of the pattern. I know the Santa Fe print is in style, but it’s not my style. Though I did think twice once I saw it in a picture vs. just on my bed. Thoughts on this one? $50

3. Pretty necklace. It’s big and bold, but I like that, and it’s different, so thinking I’ll keep it. $40

4. Navy shirt. A touch baggy, I like the style, but don’t like the deep “V” neck. $50

5. I also got a mint polka dot shirt which I really like, but I already have one very similar! See it here.

All in all, the items are more money than I normally spend, but with the credit I have from referrals, I can choose a few and I’m covered.

Try it out!  It’s fun to see what someone else picks out for you! Click on the picture below to get started on your own.

stitch fix personal stylist

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  1. I like the striped skirt. I am not a huge fan of the santa fe print either. I think the navy shirt has a flattering drape on you, and can be really versatile because of the deep v neck. I love it with the colored pants, and can also imagine it with a green and white striped tank underneath and white pants, or a pink tank under with jeans…lots of ways to wear navy. Maybe a little steep at $50, but I do think navy is a good color on you!!

  2. Thanks for the shout out, I really appreciate it! I love your Stitch Fixes and LOVE that necklace. It’s a keeper FOR SURE! The skirt is awesome and even though you don’t like the deep V on that blue shirt….I LOVE it on you! What a fun way to shop!

  3. the dress is actually my favorite 🙂

  4. Love the necklace! The striped skirt is cute too – a nice length.

  5. OH, those fingerless gloves are really cute…and I could totally see having a bunch of them in different colors to coordinate with my outfits 😉 🙂 Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 😉

  6. You are adorable my friend! Love that necklace and skirt! I’m also not a fan of the Santa Fe style, it’s too overwhelming for me to pull off. I do like the navy blue shirt with pink’s so you!

  7. You look great! The skirt and the necklace would be my pick too. The dress and shirt are nice too but if they don’t jump up and grab you i wouldn’t spend the money…..or credit. 🙂

  8. Bonnie Stern says:

    The striped skirt and necklace are definitely keepers, but I think the navy shirt is also a keeper. However, send the dress back, I don’t like the pattern either.

  9. You are too young and cute for the frumpy horizontal striped skirt! Think the SF dress is maybe a great find with a different belt that does not fight with the dress pattern.

  10. Jacqueline says:

    Love the skirt and necklace. I’m not a fan of the blue shirt, and I don’t think the dress looks like you. Just my two cents!

  11. Cindy Dahlgren says:

    Like the necklace, but the striped skirt doesn’t work very well. I agree, the navy shirt is a little large on you, but overall looks good, would send everything else back though.