Halloween Candy Porch Sign

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I’m all decorated for Halloween, but I decided to add a little something to my front porch this year. It’s the holiday where the porch gets the most use, it was time I had something! I made this Halloween Candy Porch Sign, because it’s really all about the candy, isn’t it? I almost put the word “please” at the end, but changed my mind and hope it’s implied in this “joke” sign. Guess what else we’ve got going on today? It’s the 10th of the month, our creative blog hop it below!

Halloween Candy Porch Sign



I’d seen a few signs about candy, and wanted to go BIG. I discovered a super cute digital design shop on ETSY called digital field where I downloaded and printed the spider web letters and candy designs (below).  Check out all the other cute designs!

Halloween Digital Art Digital Halloween Design

I hesitated using real candy corns for storage purposes, but really wanted the texture in a quick and easy way.  I sealed it with polyurethane and I’m crossing my fingers it keeps the bugs away! I loved the added texture.

Halloween Candy Sign

I used Mod Podge to seal the letters and candy design down, and my daughter helped me glue gun the candies to the board. It was a pretty quick and easy project, and it certainly BRIGHTENS up my porch!

What about my cute candy corn princess?

candy corn

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