Happy Father’s Day

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I’m so grateful for the man I married.

I love my husband

He is an amazing Father, our children adore him.

best dad


We all love when dad comes home, because he wants to be home with us.

father's day tribute


He’s silly with the kids, and they love it (learning to dance from the youngest teaching).

dad with kids

He gets up on a stage in front of a bunch of people to sing our Duke Family Theme song, just because I ask him to (though he is a more reserved kind of guy).

Family theme song

He takes pictures of me and the kids, even when I say to take 20 (you know, to get one good one), and he thinks that’s crazy.

mothers day

He pushes himself for excellence

surfing picture

And will even do selfie’s with me when I bat my eyes a little, though he doesn’t love taking so many pictures (I love his face below).

couple picture

He is such a ROCK to our family, leads with love and by example, and listens to me when I ramble on and on about anything on my mind. He plays with the kids, teaches them to work hard, and inquires about their day.


I’m also grateful for the greatest dad in the whole world, that showed me the kind of husband to look for. When I was growing up, he’d write me letters telling me how wonderful he thought I was.

my dad

{early 1980’s}

He’s now blessing the lives of the people in Ghana.

Ghana Accra Missionaries

He’s such a great grandpa, and I can’t wait til he can play with my kids again!Grandpa-and-Little

I got these images from the blog I’ve encouraged my mom to keep up, she’s done a great job!  To read why my parents are on a mission in Ghana, check it out.

Then there is my gramps who turns 90 today!!! Love him so much.


{Taken on his visit to Austin in March}

I feel so blessed by all of their examples in my life.

Happy Father’s Day, everyone!!  How are you celebrating today? We will treat my husband like a king with foot massages and excellent meals!

If you need a last minute Father’s Day gift tag, check out the Father’s Day Globe free Printable.

globe for Father's Day gift

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  1. norm+hill says:

    Great picts, such a nice tribute to all of us.
    I have so many terrific memories reading to you or wrestling or grabbing your arms and legs and throwing you on the bed. They all come flooding back when I see this pict of the two of us reading on the couch. I am so lucky!


  2. Jacqueline says:

    So sweet, love how you honor the men in your life!