Happy Halloween 2014

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Happy Halloween! Here is our family last weekend at our church Fall Festival. I’m wearing the same thing I wore last year. One other costume was repeated from last year, but on a different person.  See our Halloween in 2011, 2012, 2013.

Halloween costumes

I set up my tripod and we took about 5 pictures. I always like a “smiley” and a “silly.” The big kids have the drill down, but my youngest was done after one. You can see in the middle picture, she isn’t there. We are following her with our eyes. I gently suggested she might not get any candy that night if she didn’t come back, and she ran over to us again. We then got our silly shot.

My boys will be trick or treating with friends tonight, so we’ll be split up. That’s kinda sad for my momma heart, but it’s part of me accepting them growing up and venturing out.


A few weeks ago, we fulfilled the Duke Family tradition of heading off to a pumpkin patch to a corn maze.  It’s a known thing that I like them to dress according to the holiday when we go to places like this. There was a slight frenzy in the morning, but my expectations have gotten lower and lower over the years. My older daughter went digging in my closet. My shirt became her dress.

pumpkin patch picture

There are lots of things to do at the pumpkin patch (and spend money on) but after snapping a few shots with the piles of pumpkins and gourds, we make a b-line to the maze. A reward of homemade pumpkin ice cream comes at the end. The maze is the shape of Texas, and we are given a punch card (per person) at the beginning, to find 10 cities throughout the state. It takes a good hour to complete, and can be frustrating at times, as you feel you have walked in circles. This year, it was suggested that we split up the corn maze challenge, so we went in two’s. My oldest daughter got stuck with me–the most non competitive in the family. I wanted to take cute pictures of her more than I cared about finding each spot on our punch card.

Pumpkin Patch Pictures

A caught a sneeze above, did you notice? It was dang hot outside. I wasn’t so happy about that.  I asked a stranger to take our group shot. After one posed/smiling (above) I said, “ok, now laugh and look at each other” and that is what is below;)  They are used to it. Good sports, they are. They don’t want cranky mama to come out.

Family Pumpkin Patch Pictures

My husband did a good job of snapping a few of me without my even asking. I appreciate that.

Family pumpkin patch photos

family pumpkin patch photos

pumpkin patch photos

Lastly, the amazing tunnel shot that was actually captured by my husband on his phone as I was changing my phone settings. I love it!

pumpkin patch

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