Home is where the Heart is~Family Portraits at Home

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On my trip to Illinois, I was so excited to document my friend and her family in all different settings.  I wanted to capture them doing fun things together in a casual way.  When I said I wanted to do something in their yard, they weren’t too thrilled with the idea, but they went along with it anyway.  I had a vision and they trusted me:) (See the bottom to see all 4 parts of photographing this family)

I think portraits in and around your home are such a fun way to document your family. It is so rare that we have glimpses into those moments.  I’d love to see more of this in the photography world. These are just the outide shots, the inside shots are for another post… I wanted to see a family bikeride. It was hilarious to find out that my friends’ bike had a flat tire, but we had no time to fix it (losing light).

oopsy daisy…

Mom to the rescue!

Drawing with sidewalk chalk…

A little fun with dragging my shutter…

I love this running shot above…

Below is mama with her twins…

 These two are such an amazing team.  I loved watching them and seeing how well they work together.

Love you guys!  The End.

I also photographed my friend in an Apple Orchard, at an Ice Cream Shop, and Eating Breakfast around their home, kids playing at home.

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  1. Can I just say I love these pictures?! I really didn’t know how they would turn out, but just looking at them reminds me of how much time we spend doing these exact things all the time. Being in this rental wasn’t our first choice of places to live right now, but I am so glad you have captured us outside of it. My kids love this long driveway and have loved riding their bikes out there. My husband rides his bike to work every day, so I love having a picture of him on his bike. Love the little one of the crash. It is captured perfectly. Loved the running shot too! Every face is right on! And honestly the second one with your dragging shutter…can I say priceless?! It is how I feel 90% of the time, like the world is spinning by so quickly. I love our expressions. It really captures how I feel about the whirlwind that is my life. Love having my best friend with me through it all. Clearly I can’t say enough. I love this family of mine, and am so glad to have this captured!

  2. Your friend is so pretty! She shines with happiness. (Is that too lame a statement?) I adore the picture of all those feet in the chalk heart. I am going back to read up for on shutter speed so I can try out the one with them still in the driveway and the kids blurred around them. It captures the craziness of kids, but the happiness in it all. Great work – as always.

  3. are you kidding me with the blurred kids running around mom & dad! BRILLIANT, my friend, BRILLIANT!!!! I am so going to practice that one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    gorgeous family. gorgeous shots. love these!

  4. ok- as usual, I love them all! But the running one (that you said you liked) I LOVE! I would love love love to have one like this in our home. I would blow it up HUGE and hang it on the wall!

  5. I love the kids whirring around mom and dad. It perfectly captures what our house feels like sometimes! 🙂

  6. Gorgeous. Families at home are my favorite kind.

  7. tricia dunlap says:

    These are so real, so precious, so amazing. Love them!

  8. Oh, the tricks a laptop can pull on you. I didn’t like the pictures at first because I thought they were too bright but then I realized I was looking at them from the wrong angle. I tilted my laptop screen back to its normal position and those pictures look absolutely wonderful! 🙂

  9. I loved seen Linda and her family. The pictures looks beautiful, what a great idea. I want to have it done with our family in the spring. You’re amazing, very talented Kristen. Linda your family is beautiful.

  10. What GREAT shots! LOVE the running kids one! I wish more shoots were like this too! I’d love one like this of my family!

  11. How awesome are these pictures!! What a great idea!!! That’s true that most family portraits are done at a park elsewhere than the home. Nobody ever thinks that!!! What a cool idea! And I love the running pic too!!! Great pics!

  12. I love the shot of the parents when you were dragging your shutter…I LOVE THAT because that’s our life and what an awesome way to capture that part of parenting young kids!

    I also love the sunset picture of the couple and the kids…really great work…wish I lived closer to hire you for our fall family pics!

  13. Wow these shots are great. My fave is the crying girl on the bike, then mama coming to help her. Too cute!


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