How to Follow a Podcast

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Have you heard about podcasts, but you aren’t quite sure how to access them? I’m here to share some screenshot tips on how to follow a podcast, because it’s not extremely intuitive. I started the Beyond Good Intentions parenting podcast, and I’d love you to listen!

How to follow a podcast on itunes

I still fumble from time to time finding and following and leaving podcast reviews, so first I’ll share how to follow a podcast on an iphone, and then on an android…sound good?

How to follow a podcast on an iPhone

The podcast app comes automatically with iphones, though some may have deleted it. It is purple and simply titled, “podcasts.” I’ll share the steps in text form, then screenshots below.

FIRST, Click the purple podcast app

  1. Search the podcast you are looking for from the magnifying glass
  2. Once you spot it, click on it
  3. SUBSCRIBE to said podcast to get all future episodes
  4. You are in the “details” tab of the podcast
  5. To know more about that podcast, click on the “more” in the description
  6. It will open up a new page that you can read all about that podcast
  7. Go to the “reviews” tab to read what others have sad about that podcast
  8. WRITE A REVIEW on what you thought, what you think others would like about that podcast (REALLY helps with searches on Google, etc.) Or just leave 5 stars.

Here is what the first page of my phone looks like…don’t look at those RED numbers!

How to follow and find podcasts


How to Follow a Podcast


Subscribe, details, description

How to follow a podcast

Podcasts THRIVE on Reviews! If you love one, take the time to leave a review, it helps them SO much. Even as simple as leaving 5 stars is helpful.

how to leave a podcast review

Before I officially launched my podcast, my dad and brother were my first two reviews…LOVE them!

How to follow a podcast on an Android

My friend Marissa has a Google phone, so I borrowed it to do a few screenshots. The process is generally the same:

  • I had to search for a podcast app because she didn’t have one
  • Once the app installs, search for the podcast name just like above
  • Then subscribe!

Subscribe to podcast on android


Now that you have followed your favorite podcasts, all you have left to do is listen and enjoy!

If you’re a parent, you might enjoy my parenting podcast, Beyond Good Intentions, about strengthening families.