No Sew Sweet Treat Halloween Costumes

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Four no sew Halloween Costume Ideas. I first shared this as part of a Crafting with the Stars Contest in 2010.

working with felt

Hooray! I have to give a shout out to Lorie from Be Different…Act Normal. She has offered great advice and guidance the past week. I am lucky that she lives close by and we were able to brainstorm in person!

Here is a little tutorial on how to make the sweet treats for the family (in case you need costumes this weekend):

I must first say that my awesome neighbors were my models (plus my daughter as choco chip girl).

I basically free hand drew the shape for each costume, so not sure I can explain how to do that except I did draw the elephant on paper first, then traced it on the felt.

Hot glue and saftety pins to hold it together, then flip it inside out. Stuffed with grocery bags…

I had a brown headband (with a big leather flower on it) that I wanted to use again, so I just covered it up so that I could easily take it off when I was done with the cookie costume…my daughter wore this to school the next day with just a normal outfit.

Inside the donut is an orange inflatable tube leftover from our summer pool excursions. I did sew this part.

The bottom of my cupcake, the skirt, I folded like an accordian or fan, then put it under something heavy,  and starched it.  Turned out nice and bendy:)