I’m back!

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What do you think about the new look around here?



Eeeek,  I’m so excited, I’ve been wanting to do some “tweaking” for a while, and I’ve had help from two great gals to make it happen!  Is it obvious that each frame is clickable to take you somewhere else?  Lindsay from Artsy Fartsy Mama helped me with the frame design that I had swirling around in my head, and Sarah from Blogger’s Help Desk  did some behind the scenes html work to overhaul the look on the back end (I’ve heard she got a handful of bloggers out of a website catastrophe). SO grateful for both of them!!!  Do you see how I also changed out the rotating pictures above?  They coordinate with the frame buttons, so people coming to my site for portraits won’t be confused and vice versa.

Did you love the Decorating with Portraits series as much as I did?  For a recap, click on the frame. What a fabulous month of ideas! I am so grateful for my guests sharing their family, their hearts, and their homes in the journey. I loved so many!  Did you have a favorite guest? Favorite project?  What will you plan to do in your home now? If you were inspired to do something new this month and blogged about it, please share the link in the comments so we can all come see. I’d also love if you “pin” your favorite project, or this “wrap up” post so others can be inspired as well.

Though I missed sharing my thoughts, I sorta enjoyed the little break from blog posting, refreshed and ready to come back (kinda like a mama anxious to leave on a trip alone, only to be super excited to come back to her kidlets).  I’ve been doing all sorts of things, that I will be sharing in the month or so ahead. I’m going on a big trip next week, I’ve done a special altered eating plan, and a few home projects while I’ve been away.  I’ve also join up with Blogher, SO… I may have some annoying news for you google reader-ers. I’m going to do that partial post thing where it says “click to read more” to entice you to come on over (when I remember–after today).  I know, I know.  I don’t love it either, but if I’m going to keep up this posting thing, it’s a no brainer on my end.

Also, did you know I’m on Pinterest!?!  Are you following me?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pinterest.  Do you love Pinterest, too? I’ve been plugging all of the guest bloggers pinterest accounts because I figure if you love their style, you’ll love what they pin.  I need more Pinterest friends, so come along and follow along over there as well. Recently, I’ve been pinning healtier meals under my Sounds Delicious board. And maybe some un-healthy treats to go along with those.

I also pinned about 25 “peter pan collar” shirts on my Just my Style board.  Do you know what that is?  I didn’t know the name, but knew I loved the look.  I LOVE to see what my friends have pinned, I am the queen of the re-pin! I’d also love if you will “pin” your favorite posts of mine from time to time–it really helps spread the word of what I have going on here.

Finally, I will leave you with a picture of my kids.  They were waiting for me in the car as I stepped a few feet away chatting with a friend…all hovered over Spanish Mickey Mouse on my phone. The Spanish part was an accident, but maybe they learned something?

*I asked a lot of questions…and I really want to know answers.  To make it easier for you, I highlighted the questions;)

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  1. love the new banner. looks great! keep up the good work, kristen! 🙂

  2. Alison S. says:

    Peter Pan collars = Catholic school memories for me. Holy flashbacks!!

  3. New banner = fab!

    Fave guest = Ashley at Under the Sycamore

    Pinterest = love it!

    My nieces and nephews = love them! Can’t wait to hang out with you all again! :o)

  4. I love the new look! And after the last month I want to make a huge collage of my favorite pictures. Several of your guests have inspired me!

  5. The new design for the blog looks GREAT :)I think it’s obvious to click on the frames and very helpful to navigate around your site. You are a hard working lady, with putting all your creative ideas together. Thanks for all you organize and share with us followers! I have enjoyed checking in each day and seeing all the inspiration for decorating with portraits. Fantastic ideas from everyone! And yes I really LOVE pinterest too! Thanks again!

  6. The new design for the blog looks GREAT :)I think it’s obvious to click on the frames and very helpful to navigate around your site. You are a hard working lady, with putting all your creative ideas together. Thanks for all you organize and share with us followers! I have enjoyed checking in every day and seeing all the inspiration for decorating with portraits. Fantastic ideas from everyone! And yes I really LOVE pinterest too! Thanks again!

  7. I just recently started following your blog and I’ve really loved your Decorating with Portraits feature! I’m always looking for more inspiration for decorating with my beloved family photos. You inspired me to complete my long awaited project of putting a family picture wall in our living room:


    Thank you Kristen!

  8. one more comment from me, anytime i have left a comment on your blog the first attempt of leaving a comment always comes up as an error after trying to post comment and in red writing it says ERROR and I need to try again. And my writing has this %20 %20 between every spacing of words. I then re-type it and it works the secong time. Just wanted to let you know so you are aware of that!

  9. WOW! AWESOME! I love your new look and the new navigation is great! Definately highlights your many talents! I’m so proud of you and all you do!

  10. LOVE the frames! Totally cute!

    I know this isn’t what you asked or wanted to know.. but I’m putting it out there. I read a blog somewhere a year or two ago (it was a big blog) who discovered after changing her settings to “click to read more” her numbers dropped drastically. I would probably stop reading as well b/c I like to glance through my reader and I find I don’t even go to the blogs that have a “click to read more”. Are you SURE you want to do that?? 🙁 I would be sad….

  11. Heather W. says:

    Awesome new look. Loved the photo series, such great inspiration. Now I just need to find a photographer in Spokane whose style is similar to yours to take the photos! Wish we lived closer. I love Pinterest and just started following your boards. Super fun to glean the best ideas from people whose styles are similar to your own, or those slightly more daring.

  12. Jacqueline says:

    The new look is great! Love the rotating pictures at the top!! Glad you’re back – I liked the series and all, but prefer the personal touch. You know, of Spanish Micky Mouse and such!

  13. Kristen Duke says:

    Thanks for the feedback, everyone! Jacqueline, you made me laugh, and yes I like to go to blogs for the personal touch as well;) Amy, thanks for the info, I’ll check that out…Staci, I’m not sure why the comments do that sometimes and others it doesn’t, that is very frustrating!

  14. I’ve loved this series so much–it’s been a real inspiration for me:


    I love the colorful frames and look forward to the return of personal posts!

  15. Why as a blogger was it obvious to do the “read more” option?

    Also, not sure if this was a conscious decision, but your layout is now too wide for my screen and I have to scroll left and right to see everything. The body is within the screen limits, but the entire layout is not. Does that make sense? If not, ask the girls that helped you with the redesign. Just a thought from a reader perspective.

  16. Why%20as%20a%20blogger%20was%20it%20obvious%20to%20do%20the%20%22read%20more%22%20option%3F%20


  17. yikes – apparently I am also getting the error and %20 spacing issue.

  18. Kristen Duke says:

    For the people having issues leaving comments, what web browser are you using?

  19. I love the new design (especially the header).

    I just started following you on Pinterest. I love love love Pinterest too. Here’s my link in case for you’re looking for someone else to follow: http://pinterest.com/ljefferson/pins/

  20. Welcome back! Your blog is getting spiffier than ever.

  21. Love the new look. Following you on Pinterest. Feel free to follow back at http://www.pinterest.com/coleybelle.

  22. Really like the new look. I reaaaaalllyyy want to tweak my blog as well. And, I really enjoyed Decorating with Portraits series. Great idea to share with other bloggers.