Kelsi & Westin are engaged!!!

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I got a call from Kelsi just before Christmas.  When she told me her name, I think she thought I wouldn’t remember her.  After all, it’s been 3 years since I last saw her.  But she doesn’t realize that a) I never forget someone  I’ve photographed and b) we are facebook friends…I’ve seen what she’s up to just a little bit.  She told me she just got engaged and wanted me to do their Engagement pictures.  I was SO excited!  Since I no longer photograph weddings, I don’t often get to do engagements because people often hire someone for both.  Understandably so.  Kelsi and Westin made the almost 3 hour drive from Houston to meet me, and we hopped around good ole’ Round Rock and had a great time.  This young love just made me so happy to see;)   They met last summer as EFY counselor’s–I always wanted to do that!  I had so much fun, I might consider a drive to Houston in April if they still need a wedding photographer;)  I had WAY too many favorites, so I’m just going to share all 24 of them!


I love me some young love;)


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  1. brooke schaefer says:

    Ok – you know I am a fan. But these might really be some of your best images ever. I love every single one. STUNNING!!!! I can’t even pick a favorite. Can’t wait to see the follow up family pictures down the line. What an adorable couple

  2. LOVE the one where he is pouring water over her umbrella! So unique and FUN!

  3. What a display of absolute creative, beautiful, & fun VARIETY! Great job, Kristen!

  4. love the side by side eyes!!!! really love that one.

  5. No wonder you couldn’t pick a favorite – those are all fantastic!!! I love all the different amazing and fun ideas!

  6. Okay, the umbrella and the pitcher of water…SUCH a cute idea!!

  7. Desi Magnuson says:

    I love your site and check it all the time. I have to say these pictures turned out wonderful. So creative and beautiful. I can see why you had a hard time finding a favorite. I am trying to start my own photography business, and I hope that I eventually do as good of work as you! Thanks for sharing!

  8. This couple is stunning, fun, flirty and you have to shoot their wedding. I love every single image.. I can see how you had so much fun.. So amazing to see love like this!!

    What do you say to clients before you have them pose.. do you just carry on conversation and take snaps as you go or do you pose them? They all seem so real, so natural and so perfect but not planned.!

    Whose idea was the umbrella.. it is my all time fav! As well as the one where both there legs are in the air to the side.. love them all kristen!

  9. Kristen, these are fabulous! You totally capture their love in such a fun way.

  10. These really are fabulous. I agree, can’t pick a favorite!!!

  11. Ruth Howard says:

    Kristen, I love these! I agree with the other posters. My favorites are the half face shot and the umbrella. I may have to copy these ideas with my kids. I hope that’s ok.

  12. darling! she has some cute clothes!

  13. They must be thrilled with these — great photos!

  14. My favorite is the one where he’s pouring water over the umbrella. I saw the colored version in your previous post. I like that one the best. But just like everyone else said, they are all AMAZING! Everytime I look at your photography, I get that antsy feeling. I really wish you could take pictures of my family, I wish I could follow you around when you do a photo shoot. I know I could learn so much from you. I’m excited about your workshops. I hope I can eventually take beautiful pictures like you.

  15. What a beautiful couple! I love how fun the pictures are. Perfect for an engagement. And I agree, I always wanted to be an EFY counselor too! 🙂

  16. I don’t usually comment, but OMG, I LOVE these pictures! I dont know the couple, but they photograph beautifully and I love their sense of style. Kristen, there are SOOOOOO many awesome shots. I don’t know how they will decide!!

  17. LOVE ALL OF THESE! Seriously girl…awesome!

  18. Colette H. says:

    I had to comment and tell you how awesome I think these are! You are one talented lady! 🙂

  19. these are beautiful Kristen! I love their relection in the mirror! What a great gift you gave them!

  20. these are beautiful Kristen! Love their reflection in the window. What a great gift you gave them

  21. Those are so cute. They look like they make a great couple! Love the iphone one. 🙂

  22. OH my GOODNESS! Amazing! I love the one where they’re holding out the pic of themselves. So cute.

  23. These are awesome! LOVE the umbrella one and the ones where they took a picture with the phone and showed it to you!

  24. Kristen – AMAZING photos!! Love them all!! Question for you…where do you find the old cars?? I’d love to do some session with antique cars etc – but have no idea of where to start looking!! Thanks! 🙂 GREAT WORK!

  25. how great are these?!! I think you are so creative and these pictures are AWESOME. I love looking through your work.

  26. I love these!!! How cool. Awesome pictures. I really love the one of their faces up close where you can only see half of each face. No creative.

  27. Question, I’m an old fashioned photographer and not used to the editing techniques of photoshop so I trained to edit in the camera. how much of your photos are the actual photo and how much is photoshopped?