Local Portrait Sessions, photography books, & Far Away Skype Mentoring Sessions

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If you’re local and want pictures taken, I’ve just added 2 petite session time slots coming up. I’ll just hold these 2, and no more petites until after Christmas.

I’ve restructured all of my policies and pricing. In the name of  “scaling back”, I am now offering all inclusive packages with all of my portrait sessions. This means that with each session, I will edit the best images, and include them on a disc or thumb drive, thus cutting my ordering process and saving me a whole lotta time. I won’t print anything smaller than a 16×20 for my clients, but if you’d like those wall prints professionally printed, I’d love to do that for you (with custom sessions, a 16×20 wall print is included). I’ve taken orders in the  past because I believe in great print quality, but with my packaging, I suggest labs to print smaller prints that do a good job, it’s the wall prints that need more attention to detail. With that said, here is the info for my upcoming petite sessions.

*All are North Austin Locations

Field: September 28th in the evening

6:00 pm The J Family

6:15 pm

6:30 pm

6:45 pm

7:00 pm The R Family


Urban building: Saturday, October 6th in the morning




8:15 am

8:30am The S Family

8:45am The C Family

*For more details on the difference between my custom portrait sessions and the petite sessions, click here or above on Portrait Session Details.

Now for those of you who live out of the great state of Texas and would like some help with your photo skills, I’d love to help you! I’ve got my books Say NO to Auto for beginners & Get Focused as an intermediate level book. Both teach  how to use your camera down to the basics without a bunch of other mumbo jumbo. You can purchase them as an e-book or a printed copy shipped right to your door (purchase either here).

Unfortunately, I don’t have any plans for photo workshops outside of Texas in 2012. I’ve had a few asking for me to come to Houston and to have another in Austin, so if you are interested in those two cities, let me know via comments here or an email. However, I’ve conducted the individual skype mentoring sessions to people who live all over, and it can be catered to your  needs. Basics, intermediate, business, whatever! I don’t have any secrets, I love to shar what I’ve learned. It’s $150 for those one on one sessions.

Let me know if you’d like any more info on any of the above! I fully accept “pinning” of my books to help spread the message–great for holiday gifts!

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  1. Danyelle Franciosa says:

    Oh I am excited for the Sept 28 event…
    I must never miss that opportunity. Thanks for letting us know.

  2. Just a thought since you don’t have any secrets 😉 I already know how to shoot, but would love to learn more about your post processing.

  3. reading this post I remembered that I still need to do an internet skype session with you if that’s still available!