Printable Jokes for Kids

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More jokes!  Did anyone print them out and already slip them in lunches?  I printed 3 pages of last weeks (since I have 3 in school).  To ensure that I didn’t get confused, I cut them up and put them in their own little ziploc baggie.  I was worried my boys would remember the answers from last year, but they don’t seem to…hooray!

This week we’ve got 2 pages for you.  Really, I would have done them all at once, but I sprung this on Aimee 2 days before we released the first page last week, and she cranked it out quick!  At the end of 4 weeks, you will have them all!  So here are 20 more school jokes–front and back!  Thanks so much to Aimee from Sprik Space for her awesome design with the jokes I gathered!

Click HERE or on the image below to be taken to the download page;)

If you missed the first page of jokes, click here.

For my Facebook followers, I do a Freebie Friday where I share mostly landscape images I’ve taken as free full resolution downloads.  Here is what I am sharing over there today…something a little summer-y.  So if you aren’t a Facebook Fan, go become one and get your download (and see what I’ve posted in past weeks).

Happy Friday!

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