My baby turns SIX

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We’ve got a birthday, shout HOORAY! My baby turns SIX today, and she’s been so excited for days…weeks…even a few days ago, telling everyone in the stores we went to that it was her birthday soon. Oh, the delight. All day yesterday, so excited, but as I tucked her into bed, she started crying about being sad that she will no longer be able to say her age on just one hand anymore. I’m pretty sure she’ll wake up excited, and forget all about that incident. As for me, I’m ok. I don’t tend to get too sad on birthdays, I just think of the fun and excitement about their special day.  I did a little photo shoot with my girl, with an Elsa costume on, since we are knee deep into FROZEN party planning. I’ve been sharing with her Frozen Lunch Jokes all week, and soon will be the par-tay! I’ll just share the pictures now…

Frozen photo shoot

I took about 400 pictures in 15 minutes. My girl was a big ham, and I love all the silly faces she is making.

Kristen Duke Photography FROZEN pictures


Her big sis came to help me out (wearing my shirt, it looks so much cuter on her). And can we talk about the double pom-pom headband? It’s her fave, and I love it!


Happy Birthday to my baby girl!

birthday photography

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  1. Raelene hill says:

    Love the photo shoot. So much fun! Miss these girls so much! They are growing up so fast – and so beautiful! Happy, happy birthday, sweet girl. Love you so much!

  2. Nicole says:

    Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!

    These pictures are so beautiful. I love the one in the lower left corner of the collage. It looks like she is singing “Let It Go!” and if she’s anything like my 6 yr old, she probably was 🙂

  3. These are so beautiful Kristen! She is a doll and you captured such personality in these! Hope the party goes well – I’m so excited to see how it turns out!

  4. Shawnna says:

    Oh so cute!! love the pics!! It’s mine and my husband’s anniversary on the 17th!! 5 years married!! thank you god for my husband!

  5. Aline says:

    How pretty!
    Happy birthday sweetie! Have a wonderful, fun, colourful, blessed year!