My entry for the Vintage Revivals Epic Room Makeover

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This is how my girls room looked just after we moved in 2 years ago. Simple, sweet, and soft. I loved the lavendar and mint green for the baby stage, and it’s been the colors for my oldest since she was a baby (7 years). You can tell, but the comforter is lavendar on her bed, and the baby crib betting is a sweet green and lavendar damask. And butterflies, what little girl doesn’t like butterflies?

Well, we are now out of the crib, and we brought in the bunk bed just a few weeks ago, and we are ready for a change. Change of scenery, change of colors, new bedding needed for the two beds, etc.  Add in a bunch of toys cluttering the area, and now the room is in turmoil. When I saw that my friend Mandi from Vintage Revivals is holding an Epic Room Makeover, I had to do my best to try to get her here to help me! I’ve seen her do it before, and I want to see the mandilicious magic on my girls room!  She’d fly to my house and for a week, and help me create something fun and girly for my little ones. Here is the room in its current state:My friend gave me this awesome mirror, but it is propped up on these pictures that I can’t decide if I’m going to decorate around. I was watching my daughter check out her outfit from it the other day, and I thought…”dang, I need to hang that thing up!”
Mandi, I’d love your help! I keep debating with my daughter over color schemes, can’t decide, and I just need some creative juices flowing around here! With a 7 year old fashionista and a 3 year old, they are both “pre teen” in nature and I can’t figure out how to make it a good fit for both of them.
More details here on the picture link below


Voting opens next week, I’ll let you know when you can go vote for me!

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  1. I’ll be voting for you!

  2. I love the little girls room. It is hard when they grow up and they grow out of the decor. I am facing that problem with my daughter. Can I ask you were you got the bunk beds?

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Yes, it seems like the right time to change things up. The bunk beds are from Pier 1 kids, which is no longer around;(

  3. I am so voting for you! I love that pic of Mandi by the way, and I’d been wondering who had taken it 🙂 Maybe someday you could make me look that fabulous 🙂 haha! Hope you had a great weekend!

    • Kristen Duke says:

      I’d love to make you look fabulous, cuz you are!!! And I’d love a vote…I didn’t realize how many bloggers were entering, it’s going to be a tough battle!

  4. Dude. Do you even know how awesome it would be to end up at your house?!! I would LOVE it!!! Good luck my dear!

    Love your guts

  5. Everyone that follows you needs to vote! One vote per day per computer. Vote for our Kristen!!!

  6. Kristen,

    You are a doll!!! Oh my gosh and so talented!
    I wanted to wish you good luck sweet pea. Your girls have the COOLEST mom.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and the comments. I’m super new to this stuff, blogging, video making etc…
    I’m so glad to “meet” you (wish you lived closer!)



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