My favorite images in 2011~CONTEST!

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Happy New Year!!! I went through all of my sessions from 2011 and picked my ONE favorite to share from each.  I had 70 actual sessions, wowzers, that’s more than one a week! I did not realize that til just now when I counted….some were combined…some were at petite sessions, some were impromptu.  They are all numbered below.

On facebook, you can “like” as many images as you’d like. In order for the “like” to show up and count on the Kristen Duke Photography facebook page, you must first “like” Kristen Duke Photography on facebook, then “like” your favorite images. CLICK HERE to go to facebook.The image with the most likes (combined with the survey on this blog) wins. To vote here, you may select your 5 favorites.

Favorites are selected with a variety of things in mind:  unique expressions, different settings, showing emotion or love, make me laugh out loud, etc.  Sometimes it is just an image of one child at a family session.  It is just the images that JUMPED out and spoke to me and made me smile. Don’t feel bad if my favorite wasn’t your favorite!


This was originally planned as a facebook contest until I realized that a handful of my clients aren’t on facebook, so I’ll post in both places with the chance for votes in both places (I’ll add the two up at the end). For the clients in the images…send an email to your friends with this link and have them come vote for you.  Click here to go to my facebook page. For those out of town that don’t know anyone…well that’s a real honest vote of a favorite, unbiased:)

The prize?  5 winners!  The image with the most vots will get $100 in prints along with a gift mini accordian album.  That $100 can be used towards past or future sessions (prints only, not applied to future session fee). 2nd & 3rd place will get $50 in prints, 4th & 5th will get $25 in prints.

Below are thumbnails of the 70 images (larger images are below the poll). 



To see images larger, click VIEW FULL POST below, then come back and vote!

  To see what number each file is, hover your mouse over the image and a number will pop up:


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  1. Number 33 is missing in the poll – adorable little girl kissing her cute little brother. I wanted to vote for it, but no choice – sad!

  2. Kristen Duke says:

    Thank you!!! It’s fixed now!!!

  3. 70 sessions??? Whoa, you’ve been busy!! I’ve always loved the pictures from session #2. You were able to catch such a wonderful mood and emotion. All in all…what beautiful pictures, Kristen. You are so talented.

  4. You took so many great pictures so it was hard to pick just 5!

  5. I love your photography! I really want to know how you got a bed like that into a field:) I found you through Little Miss Momma…and if you ever come close to Alberta, Canada-Please post it! As I’d love to have you take photos of my family:)
    Great work. It’s hard to pick a favorite!

  6. We were SO lucky to have you photograph our family!!! You take such beautiful pictures! Thanks again!

  7. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for the inspiration, it was hard to pick just 5. Good luck in 2012.

  8. I am amazed (and jealous) at how you can get picture perfect smiles at the same moment with multiple kids! (41)


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