My quilt and a gaggle of girls

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When I knew my friend Emily was coming and bringing her 4 adorable girls, I got this crazy awesome idea to make a bright and colorful quilt.  I became obsessed with shopping for modern/bright fabric on etsy.  My friend Liz has made a few quilts and helped me plan it all out, cut out the squares, and piece them together.  I was heading into crunch time, my machine broke, I shed a few tears, tried to fix it over the phone with my mom, and threw in the towel on my machine.  My local friend Emily helped me a bunch, then I borrowed the machine of my friend Mary Ann down the street.  Wowzers–it took a village to make this quilt!  But I am pleased to say that the actual quilting was done all by myself in the wee hours of the night before Emily arrived into town with her girls.  Hallelujah…I did it!  I do LOVE it–so bright and colorful and happy. These images are in no particular order…

 Look at mom juggling….

   Below are not sisters, but girls who became dear friends over the few days spent together.  My daughter and my friends daughter are the same age, and I will forever be grateful to this cutie for showing my girl that messy buns are cool!  I’ve loved them and she never wanted to do them until now.

If you couldn’t tell, I got my 2 girls all fancied up also.  They joined in for a few pics, and I got a few of the 2 of them.

A few moments were slightly hectic…(these were taken down the road from my home on a lot that will eventually have a home on it.


 The baby is ALL done!

 So the quilt…you like?  I love!

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  1. I love the quilt and the colors! So fresh. I also LOVE your blogsite. Very cool.

  2. Kristen, the quilt turned out FABULOUS! It’s so YOU! I’m so glad that you are happy with it. Can’t wait to see it in person. :o)

  3. Hmm… didn’t like my smiley… : o )

  4. I am in love with this photo shoot. I can’t stop looking at the photos. Your quilt is darling too!

  5. Wow! Like the quilt, no….I LOVE the quilt! So glad you worked through the tears, it is beautiful!! The photo shoot is so sweet and I loved the girls’ outfits complete with leggings…and messy buns. Your sweetness definitely shines through in your work Kristen. I am so glad I found you in this crazy world of blogland.

  6. These are such beautiful pictures…the quilt, the girls, everything. I love all their hair accessories. Great job, and I’m impressed that you made a quilt, problems and all, so quickly. (I came over from The Idea Room…thanks for the tutorials over there.)

  7. Such a cute photo shoot – love, love the quilt! Your ideas are so fresh and fun, so inspirational!

  8. LOVE these! so darling. i love the bright colors. cute girls!

  9. Wow! I love the quilt. And the colors are beautiful. I love how you added citrus fruit for a prop. You are such an inspiration. Now I want to make some quilts as photo props.

  10. I LOVE all the summer colours in this new set of photographs! It’s sooo cold here in Australia at the moment so these photographs make me feel warm =D

  11. yes, love it all! creative all around – the quilt is fab and the photos have so much life and beautiful color!

  12. Margaret says:

    Beautiful. I Love it!!

  13. These pictures turned out so cute! The colors are good enough to eat.

  14. This is SUCH a cute quilt! I love how bright the colors are and how fun it is!


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