New York City in 24 hours

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{fyi: I tried over and over to post this yesterday, but kept having glitches, so here you have a weekend post. I also realized that all of my Amish pictures “fell out” of my Pennsylvania post from a week or so ago, so go see those here. They are really fun images of Amish and their buggies.}

When I planned out our East Coast Trip, I knew I wanted to squeeze in just one day in New York City. I posted on Facebook what were the top suggested things to see…keeping in mind that we had 2 “pre teen” boys. I got some great advice, and it really helped me plan it out.  It had been 10 years since I’d been to the city. I remembered when we lived in Delaware that we took a ferry for free, and after asking my friend who used to live on the island, she suggested the Staten Island Ferry to go past the Statue of Liberty (closed for cleaning or construction or something). Then I had what I thought was a wonderful idea to just stay at a hotel on Staten Island, catch the ferry, then play into the city. That way–we’d save money (NYC hotels are much more $$$) and my hubby wouldn’t have to stress over driving our rental into NYC traffic. I also thought I’d break it up and go into the city on Monday afternoon/night–go back to our hotel–then back again on Tuesday morning til the afternoon. Well, the total communte (we found out) was an hour and a half each way–we did that 4 times in 24 hours.  Oh well. I tried not to beat myself up over it, given my meticulous planning of every step of our trip.

Down under ground waiting for the subway, found a pay phone…our boys didn’t realize that’s what it was!


I had fun people watching (see that post here) on our 30 min subway ride.

Our first stop on Monday afternoon was Dylan’s Candy Bar. It was almost 5 pm, and I wanted to take pictures inside before it got dark. I had seen pics online, and before my NYC shoot got averted, I was planning to do some of it here.

Downstairs was a candy shop, and upstairs was an ice cream parlor/restaraunt seating.

There were a few of these fun cupcake boothes…and the tables were filled with gumballs. While off of sugar, I asked for a heaping bowl of fruit (they had it for the ice cream topping) and though the people at the candy store though I was crazy, I was giddy excited about fresh fruit–I hadn’t had anything good like this our whole trip b/c we were eating out so much. Mmm, raspberries.

When I was 12, I took a trip to NY with my parents and older brother and I got a pair of socks at Bloomingdale’s.  I had to take a picture of the store, I thought it was so cool way back then.

Dylan (in candy) the owner, who happens to be Ralph Lauren’s daughter.

One of my personal biggest excitements was to see Times Square at nightime. It was SO fun!!! So bright, so many people, it felt like daytime.  Just so different than anywhere else.




We went back to our hotel (1.5 hour commute) and came back the next morning.

Tuesday morning, I had an appointment to meet 2 gals at the Nintendo store for a mini workshop/mentoring. They wanted to come to the Sat. workshop, but details didn’t pan out. Turns out, they are both BYU grads like me;)


I left my boys to play at the Nintendo store for an  hour, and I took the gals to a nearby cafe to chat.  

They weren’t too sad to be left there…

The boys love Lego’s, so we stopped by the store. I loved the mini figs painted to form the overall sign. Reminded me of crafty gals and spray paint for  home decor items.

This pic of Mario and Luigi is funny. I thought they represented the toy store near us, so we grabbed a picture. Turns out that blue bag in Mario’s hand is a collection bag…they wanted $ for that pic.

The boys were very excited to go to the Empire State building. They had read the Percy Jackson series and remembered that Mt. Olympus was on the 600th floor.  I had to gently remind them that was fictional. We only went to the 84th floor. This was my son holding his popping ears in the elevator on the way up.

Fun views from the top…

I posted this collage on facebook of some phone pics I took of NYC scenes. Which is your fave NYC setting?


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  1. Hope you enjoy General Conference this weekend! I loved your NYC visit!

  2. Wow! I’ve never been to NYC. Looks CRAZY. I’m a small town girl but I think I could enjoy it for a day 🙂 Way to resist the treats even while on vacation! I am a little confused about the candy picture – is Dylan a boy or a girl? It says Ralph Lauren’s son…. Looks like a wonderful trip with your boys. How fun!

  3. When you were people-watching on the subway, perhaps you saw my husband and 16 year old son! They were visiting New York form March 10 to March 14th – not sure when you were there. They had a wonderful time.

  4. love the one of your son taking a picture in the subway. and the payphone. I did an urban series of Chicago and was looking for one! Crazy how your boys didn’t even know what it was!!!

  5. These are amazing! I (we) have never been to NYC.. but we’ve talked about what an experience it would be, at least just once.
    Love your compositions – framing the city skyline in the window grids – all so interesting & eye catching!
    What a fun trip for your boys.
    I hit up lego land at the Mall of America a few months ago with my 9 year old lego enthusiast.. special to get to do that with him. I don’t think I remembered to post on that, should do so.
    And hey – again, you look amazing!


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