On my Mind in the ER

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Oh boy, I haven’t shared what’s on my mind in a few weeks now. It’s not that I don’t have anything on my mind, maybe TOO much! If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that my oldest son broke his arm!!! I had never even taken my kids into urgent care before, and then we had this! He was at scout camp  playing Capture the Flag with a bunch of kids….grabbed the flag from the other team (kinda like flag football), and the kid jerked, my son slipped, and fell backwards. He fell right on his arm and heard a POP, it was his bone.more broken arm Actually two bones, just above his wrist.

Fortunately it didn’t come through the skin, but the nurses at the Emergency Room didn’t even have us sit in the waiting room. Apparantly if there is a “visible deformity” you get priority. My boy was SOOO BRAVE and TOUGH! He never even cried (not even at camp, so the boys said) but I could tell he was in a LOT of pain! Gratefully, I was with a friend when I got the call, and she stayed with my older kids so my husband and I could go together. Another grateful–the camp was only an hour away (last year it was 4 hours) and his leader drove him to us and met half way so we could get him to the ER faster. We were there til 2am, and left with a cast and a big blue cheese foam box on his arm to help him keep it elevated for the next 3 days. I was amazed at how CALM I was, considering our rare illness around here. He also had about 100 chigger bites on each foot that he got the morning of the broken arm, and they itched like crazy.




broken arm


Then, just 2 days later, my other son come down the strep throat, then my daughter, then broken arm son got it. Then my youngest got on the same antibiotics because she likes to bite her hangnails which leaves for the occasional infected finger. It was BAD!  LUCKILY, my kids are hardly ever sick for more than a day, and once the meds got in, it was really fast.

Last but not least of the crazy medial week, I had to have a “foreign object” extracted from the ball of my foot from at the doctor. I had had a sliver a week before, my husband pulled it out, we thought we were good, but it kept hurting worse and worse, til I was limping. Minor surgery was that extraction (two stitches), I had to keep my feet elevated, or it was really painful!  Note to self: If you hashtag #ineedcookiedough when Instagramming a picture and mentioning extreme pain, there is a possibility that someone will deliver cookie dough to you. I didn’t actually think it would happen, and I was shocked when it did. My eyes still sting just thinking of the kindness.cookie dough ice cream


Had to get all that sickness out of the way so we’d have a clean bill of health for our upcoming summer road trip!

And if you saw on Instagram, a house just 100 feet away got struck by lightning and burned down a few weeks ago. That was sad and scary.

Besides all that, I had two friends have a sleepover here, one who moved away a while ago, the other, moved away this week. BIG fat bummer when friends move away. It’s just not right, but it’s reality.

I wanted to share my most recent Stitch Fix arrival. Have you heard of it?

Helped my daughters clean out their room–yikes!
messy room

Here is a snippet from when I photographed the wedding recently, did you see it?
wedding photographer

I love this cuddle picture of my youngest and I, I had to elevate my foot, and she came to sit with me…and watch the “mommy show” I had on.
computer time

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  1. Oh no, he looks so brave! Did you cry? I’d have balled my eyes out, and probably would have been worse off than my kid! Totally wish someone would deliver me some cookie dough – jealous!!

  2. We’ve BTDT with the broken arm in the ER. Like you, I was amazed at how calm I was (and how NOT calm my husband was – I am forever on duty for these types of issues). It looks like your son will take it all in stride, and I hope that he heals quickly. One thing my son did? Requested a two colored cast – one was glow in the dark with a red stripe. The next case he got was red with a blue stripe. The techs were so nice to try to make him feel good. (our adventure included a total of 3 different casts and a splint before he was fully healed.)

    And sick in the summer is just no fun! Glad that antibiotics can take care of strep so fast, so you can get on to more summer fun!

  3. Jacqueline says:

    Like that dress you’re wearing in the midst of the girls’ room chaos!

  4. I hope that’s all the medical drama you have to deal with for a long time!

    I love that photo of you and your daughter at your computer. My 4yo will occasionally do that, too.

    I hope you have a great time on your road trip!

  5. So sad! When it rains it pours! Glad to hear everything is looking up from here on out. Hopefully you’re in the clear for a while now. =)

  6. Oh my….what a week! I’m glad you are all better and hopefully your son’s broken arm will heal quickly. It’s so scary to get a call like that. Hope you have a wonderful July 4th weekend!!