Oopsy Daisey~typos are kinda like something stuck in your tooth

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Ok, I’m a little embarrassed now because I had a post up the entire day yesterday with a major typo and no one told me til the end of the day when my deary Emily sent me an email and let me know.  I’m sure that was tough for her, but I’m SO glad she did because…HELLO!  I know how to spell triple…it doesn’t have 2 “p’s” it has just ONE.  Maybe you didn’t notice (ok, you’re off the hook) or maybe you did, and chalked it up to a rushed post with a typo, but maybe you read it and thought I’m slightly un-ejamucated and that I really think that triple is spelled with 2 “p’s”!  Well, I do know how to spell triple, but when I posted the word embarrassed at the top of this post, I had to yell out to my husband, “does embarrassed have 2 “rr’s” or 2 “ss’s” to which he replied “BOTH!” To which I said…”really?  it looks weird.”  Then sometimes I worry about my grammar (and my tendency to have run on sentences) and I wonder if my friends out there that have strong English backgrounds (Liz & Rach) are wincing at my lack of proper punctuation and what not. So as I thought about this, and I likened it until having something stuck in my tooth.


  You know how embarrassing it is to have a conversation with someone only to go home and see something stuck in your tooth and realize it had been there a long time.  Enter that wincing sound.  Yikes.  Not good.  I, for one, make it a personal goal of mine to inform others–whether close friends or just acquaintances–if I see something stuck in their teeth.  I know how much I would want someone–whether close friend or acquaintance–to tell me if I had something in my teeth when engaged in a conversation with them.  It can be awkward, I’ll admit, but a necessary awkward as far as I’m concerned. You don’t want to be offensive, but really, it is not offensive to me.  Please, strangers, tell me I have something stuck in my teeth!

Now back to the typo thing.  We see it all the time in blogging.


Someone going to the store to buy two apples ends up also needing to get some bananas, too.  It happens a lot and honestly I think most of it is just lack of proffing proofing, and our brains giong  a mile a minute as we try to just get finished with t yping when we have kids in the background asking for just 5 more minutes of electronic time when we really should be done with our electronic time, too!  I know I wince when I see a typo on a blog and think, “oh, poor thing doesn’t know the difference between there/their/they’re” but maybe they do and it was just an innocent typo!

But really, we all have our words that we misspell, embarrassed as an example and calendar/lavender, I can NEVER remember!!!  I also rarely even remember to use spell check, and just so you know…I did and if anything is spelled wrong (and there were a few–DANG!), blame it on technology!!!  One more thing, when I asked hubby about embarrassed, I thought it was embarressed…nope!  What are the words that you always mispell misspell?

*Edited to add:  I am totally open to being nudged when something is misspelled, but maybe others aren’t.  Also, maybe we could all wince a little less when we see a typo, because we all make mistakes!  I know I will after realizing I really do mess up more than I realize.  I like to type in low caps, because then people know from the start that I am not writing properly then the other mess ups don’t seem so bad because they look intentional.  My husband said I was brave to write a post about typos.

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  1. haha i didn’t notice the typo (and i get paid to edit stuff)! i come to your site to see beautiful images, not so much to read the writing 🙂

  2. Cindy BR says:

    Kristen…Thank you for saying this! I ALWAYS mispell the word receive! Every time I type it, I always have to say the rule…”I before E, except after C”…and still…you can look back on my journaling in my scrapbooks to this day and think…is that word spelled correctly? I am sure that my daughter will say later in life…”Well, at least mom was consistent”!!

  3. I’m almost afraid to point out that “typos” doesn’t need an apostrophe…

  4. Kristen Duke says:

    Ha ha!!! THanks, MHA! I do appreciate it;) Another in the title of the post, too;) I edited it out so the future readers don’t have to suffer the wincing!

  5. The word definitely…I get it right now because I ALWAYS got it wrong before. I type too fast to pay attention. I just look for that little squiggly red line to tell me I am a moron. I [heart] spell check.

  6. Hi, thanks so much for visiting my blog! So glad I found yours!! xoxo

  7. When I write the note for my kids missing school, I’m so self conscious. Please excuse Jane’s absense? absence? Sorry they didn’t show up. 🙂 I think you are great Kristen. I’m always worried about my grammar, and I was a teacher!

  8. Do we misspell because we mispronounce or do we mispronounce because we misspell…is that the same thing? Anyway I have that problem with certain words, I misspell because I mispronounce words then its always hard to remember the correct spelling. I do have an exception and that is the word license….i can pronounce it right just never spell it correctly (its spelled correctly now because my computer automatically spell checks!). I think there should be an “s” along with that “c”.

    I was out of the country and just now catching up on blog reading, so I missed your typo. However, when I returned I happened (see, now I’m second guessing myself, wondering – should there be two n’s in that?) .. I happened to read through the last blog post I’d written before we left for out getaway. And there it was: “they’re” in place of “their.” EEK! I was so embarrassed over that, since I’m a stickler for the proper use of your / you’re.. there, their, & they’re.. to, too, & two, etc. And since it had been there for a week or more, someone, (SURELY one of the two or three people who read my blog!) probably saw that & thought I was one of THEM! (One who doesn’t know better!)
    I like to chalk up these errors to typing fast & thinking even faster. Also doing my blogging late when my children are in bed & not proofing quite enough, or just plain missing things with my tired eyes even when I do proof.
    I think most of the time, these are just honest typing slip ups. BUT – I have my words of weakness. I’m humbled to admit this publicly: the word I CANNOT remember is guess. I always wonder, is it geuss? I probably switch the e and the u nearly every time I use the word, and no matter HOW MANY times I spellcheck, I don’t remember the next time! I’m a pretty proficient speller. But I’m never 100% confident on that one.
    Then there’s that there word, “confident.” For the longest time, I spelled it “confidant.” Of course, spellcheck didn’t correct me, because confidant is a word, but it is not the one with the meaning I was implying. When I realized this, I was so embarrassed!! It was like food in the teeth, why didn’t someone point it out over the years? But – unlike food in the teeth, maybe they didn’t know, either?
    Oh, boy, there’s a whole can of worms to get into here. 🙂
    I admire that you tell people if they have something in their teeth. You’re right, I would want to know if I had something stuck in mine.
    And thanks to you & this post, I will always remember that in the word “embarrassed” there are BOTH two r’s & s’s. I think I might have been prone to skipping one of the ‘r’s. Now I know! No guarantee that I won’t mistype it though. 🙂
    (sigh.. guarantee is another one.)