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When I first saw these Orange Blossom frames debut, I was drooling.  I love COLOR, I love fun shapes, and I LOVE frames!  Once I finally decided on which color, size, and shape to get, I was so excited to have this beauty arrive at my door.{11×14, by the way}. I stared at it empty in my office for a while, trying to decide how to best display it.  I used it on a table set up at a fair last December with my logo inside like this:


I love that there are nice, deep holes drilled on the back for horizontal or vertical hanging. I love the distressed/vintage look to the edges, too. I have tried to distress wood on a dresser in a hap-hazard way, and it did not look nice like this.

After I had enough of staring at my logo in this lovely frame, I had to make a decision….but I still can’t decide!   I want to place it in a spot where it will shine the most!  But, where?  I’d love your help!

Option #1:

Should I put in my Master Bedroom with an image of hubby and I {that I love}?  After all, I do have a plan of turquoise and yellow in that space.


In my foyer with one of my favorite quote’s.  I have SO many pictures when one walks into my home (and right next to this table) that I thought a quote suited this spot well {more info on this printable next week}.

I LOVE both!

Though I won’t do this, I’ll show you just for fun the family picture in this spot. I can’t use it because RIGHT next to it is my vintage window frame with the same pic in it:

A few more of their colors and shapes:

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VOTE below {option #1 or #2}, and share further thoughts in the comments if you’d like;)

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  1. They have quite the selection!

  2. I LOVE these frames! So gorgeous. The colors are fantastic, thanks for sharing!

  3. Jacqueline says:

    Hmmmm….really hard! But since you have to choose, I think I’d go for nr. 2.

  4. They don’t ship to Spain…:(

  5. I love both locations! As much as I adore romantic husband/wife pictures, I would put it in the foyer just to show it off more. 🙂

  6. Great frame that looks much better in the entrance! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Great frames… I say bedroom because if your hubby know how much you love that frame then it will reinforce how much you love him… because you are showcasing your love in it!!

  8. Great looking frames… I say your bedroom because if your hubby knows how much you enjoy the frame then he will be reinforced of your love because you decided to showcase your love in it…


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