Our East Coast Trip: Delaware and Pennsylvania

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After we spent the morning in D.C., we drove to Delaware, and onto the spot for the Photography Workshop .

I think it’s funny when I tell people that we lived in Delaware for 2 years because people have the facial expression that says, “Dela–where?” My hubby went to grad school at the University of Delaware that is actually a really great school and currently #2 for his field. The campus is quite beautiful, and it was just so exciting to be back–especially for the sake of my son who was born there and was 1.5 when we left.


Got the above shot from our hotel window. The school mascot is the fighting blue hens–I know you were wondering;)





Campus image above, see, I told you it is a beautiful campus.

We were there on a  Sunday and attended church. When we are on vacation, we go to church, too. Our church has the same structure and organization across the world, and I always love to see that in motion when we travel.  Though my boys dress up a bit more at home with white shirts and ties and my husband does as well with slacks, packing space was limited due to carrying everything on the airplane. It was fun to see some old friends in our church congregation and be back in the building where my oldest was blessed.

Our old apartment complex…I saw some drug deals go down here…it wasn’t quite the upscale joint.

Another campus shot…my hubby went and talked to his professor’s, and the boys and I strolled around. We actually spent two days in Delaware:  Sunday and the following Wednesday, so these shots are from both.

After we went to church, we took a  Sunday drive up through Amish Country in Pennsylvania.  Another frequent drive we took before was between Delaware and Lancaster, PA–heart of the Amish People.

We found out on a tour that the closed carriages are for married couples/families and the open carriages are for those “courting.”  I love how the girl below is looking away…

My husband remember going to an old country store with an ice cream parlour in Strasburg that made their own waffle cones in house.  We stopped in for lunch, and perused the store.

They even had their own working beehive.  I took pictures of the treats that I wished I could have, and somehow that satisfied me;) I think I can order online if I really want to…

My boys loved this funny water fountain that shot straight up. My hubby got a good laugh when I thought I could fill a water cup with it.

Loved these cute little kids waving at me…

We then drove onto our hotel in the heart of Philadelphia. Our hotel was on the Delaware river that divides Pennsylvania and New Jersey. So I got a night shot of the bridge (no tripod, I tried to hold really still, but it’s still blurred a bit).

…and a daytime shot…

We slept so close to the landmarks, that we were able to walk to and from. That was nice.

While I did my photo session with a Philly family, the boys toured Independence Hall.

For lunch we had a philly cheesesteak–which really doesn’t look so great in this phone pic, but I assure you, it was good (at least the inside that I ate).

Above is the oldest inhabited street in the U.S., meaning people still live in the homes that were lived in in the 1700’s or so.

My boys with the giant everlasting gobstopper treats we got at the country store. We really had great bonding time with them–priceless.

I love these boys. I am so blessed.

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  1. Beautiful family. Great photos. Thank you sooooo much for sharing!

  2. What a great trip! Love the Phila shots as my hub went to law school there and I recognize Elfreth’s Alley — hope that’s right — the oldest street! Loved Philadelphia and the Jersey shore!

  3. Alison Shoepe says:

    Loving these East Coast shots!! Making me miss “home” a little…we actually lived in Lancaster for about 7 months, though the picture isn’t showing here. Beautiful area!!

  4. Norman hill says:

    Tyler is a good boy. Middle school will be challenging (it is for all boys, me and your brothers included).at least you have a good neighborhood school and plenty of continuity in Round Rock to help him get trough it.

  5. I love your blog and your photographs and was so excited to see you post about your trip to Philly. Living in Philly, it’s always great to see how others see our city. We tend to get a bad rap but it is really a wonderful place rich in history and beauty. Thank you for showing everyone what a great place Philadelphia really is!

  6. You were lucky to see so many buggies and Amish people out and about to get so many wonderful pictures. I am always afraid of offending them if I take their picture. Thanks for sharing your awesome trip on the East Coast. I live on the East Coast and haven’t visited Philly yet. Gotta do that soon.