Our East Coast Trip: Washington D.C.

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I had planned my East Coast Workshop around the fact that I wanted to take my oldest son back to the place he was born.  We lived in the East 10 years ago for just 2 years.  We hadn’t been back since we left.  I had this idea to just take our older two boys, and have it as a time for us to bond and forge a memory that we could enjoy together. My oldest is entering middle school, and I’m sorta nervous about what lies ahead, but I’m excited. He’s a really good boy, I just felt the need for something just for the boys.  I arranged for my girls to be cared for by my brother and his wife (and they were spoiled with fun every step of the way) and we headed out on our adventure. First stop:  Washington D.C.

The White House–there was a good amount of securty around, we joked that even the squirrels running in the tree’s were likely robot secret agents.


The U.S. Capital

My awesome cousin Mike was our tour guide. He’s lived there for a good 8 years. Ladies–he’s available…

Though these weren’t cherry blossom’s (not quite blooming) they were so perty, I snapped a few shots, just near the White House.

We’ve got the Lincoln Memorial.  I love the boys faces…

a shot of me, snapped by my son…

My boys weren’t quite sure why I wanted them to hold their hands out just so, but I assured them, it would be cool….they liked it after seeing the shot.

The shot above,  they were tired of posing for me, so I told them to wrestle for a more interesting shot, and they happily obliged

Here we are in my cousin’s car, all 3 posing for my shot in their own little way…this makes me laugh!

My cuz was an awesome chauffer–we were low on time, and a few spots he dropped us off to run up and see while he drove a few circles. Parking was tough to find…

We grabbed some chipotle and chick fil A (for the boys)

Then said goodbye (interesting note: my cuz and 2nd son share the same birthday)

We got our rental car and on our way driving to Delaware (1.5 hours)  I insisted we stop by the Washington D.C. temple for our church. Another spot we used to frequent.  Though the boys had fallen asleep, we woke them for a picture in front of it (mean mom). It is important to me. It’s just so beautitul! I grabbed a guy who was having a chat with a girl on a bench to take this picture, as a wedding party was just a few feet away grabbing shots, too.

I have so many travel pictures, I’ll at least do another post later today, maybe two.

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  1. Lovely. Looks like you all had fun. I love the car shot with the unique poses…. strangely my hubbie does the same “pose” yours does… must be a guy thing. 🙂

  2. I love that city.

  3. You got some awesome Washington photos – I think it’s a great idea to sometimes take only some of the children – very special for them, easier on the parents, and the holiday can be catered to their ages.

  4. Jacqueline says:

    Love the picture of your son beneath the Gettysburg address! So…was the green/orange/gray/black color theme on purpose?

  5. Kristen Duke says:

    Ha! No, no intentional coordination, it just so happened that we all have solid colored jackets;)

  6. I had so much fun meeting you at Hildie’s today. It looks as though you had a wonderful trip. Great photos. ( I used to live in the D.C. area and was in fact married in that temple.)

  7. tricia dunlap says:

    thanks for sharing! i got to take a pretend vacation by looking at your photos – ha! ha!