On this parenting questions page, I will be sharing a parenting question of the week and I hope you’ll join me!


This weeks parenting questions are about Differing opinions than your spouse. Answer in the form below, your comments will be completely anonymous. Each Friday I will post about the answers I received to the parenting questions of the week.  Check back this Friday for the post all about sibling rivalry that will include tips and advice from other parents.

Parenting questions of the week


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How to dispel Sibling Rivalry

How to dispel Sibling Rivalry

Why I’m covering parenting questions

In the past few years, I have felt a strong pull to talk more about parenting topics. Having a close family is very important to me, and I’m striving daily to have that as my ultimate goal. I even put together a free e-book “10 Intentional Ways to Bring your Family Closer Together.”  I’m invested in talking about challenging parenting questions or topics that would help others.

In January 2018, I started a parenting podcast, called Beyond Good Intentions. I am interviewing people I know, and some I don’t know, all about how they were raised and how they are raising their families. I’ve been so so grateful for all I’ve learned so far, we can learn SO MUCH just by listening to how others do things in their home, what works for them, and what doesn’t!

I’m so grateful for my family, and I feel extremely grateful that we are close with relatively low animosity in our home. Sometimes I wonder how in the world that happened, and other times I feel grateful for my observation skills and suggestions I implemented that I saw others doing, to allow for that. I’m really excited about this new Friday series that involved all of YOU as readers to be a part of, and hopefully answer some of your biggest parenting challenges, or maybe just help you do things a little bit differently.

How the parenting questions survey will work each week

I’m starting something new, and I need YOU all to be a part of it, or it won’t work so well….you ready for this?

  1. I’m going to post a parenting question in this newsletter each week around a specific topic.
  2. My goal is each Saturday the newsletter will go out (so you can anxiously await the topic each week).
  3. I’ll attach a link to this page with a new anonymous form where you can answer freely without your name attached to it.
  4. Reply by Wednesday to be included in post.
  5. I will then gather the answers and share them in a blog post the following Friday with my thoughts included.

I’ve really wanted to have a way where people can be open and share frustrations while seeking feedback/solutions, but without feeling exposed or labeled in any way. Parenting is HARD, and it’s tricky to talk about topics–especially teen topics, without the stigma attached.

I will be the moderator and consolidator and share what I feel is most pertinent to the topic.

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