Party Planning with BISSELL vacuum with PowerGlide® with Lift-Off® Technology

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I was asked by BISSELL to review their their vacuum, the PowerGlide® with Lift-Off® Technology.  I jumped at the chance because I’ve got 4 children, a 2 story home, and lots of messes to clean.  My daughter exhibits the excitement I felt when this lovely contraption arrived on our doorstep.
BISSELL vacuum PowerGlide® with Lift-Off® Technology
Our upstairs is almost completely carpeted, and my 4 wonderfully active children, all too often forget an important rule in the Duke home: No food allowed upstairs. I’ll find cracker wrappers (crackers means TONS of crumbs) and candy wrappers (where do they get this stuff?) in nooks and cranny’s I didn’t know existed. It’s amazing that once I start to look around, I realize there are far too many spots that get overlooked in our Saturday deep clean up.

candy wrapper mess
I’m excited to try this vacuum out all up the stairway, along the railings, reach up to the ceiling corners, and around the window sills. I need to make a list of all these spots with a checklist, so when it’s my kids turn to clean, they will know that cleaning a room is more than just picking up the stuff on the floor. I noticed the PowerGlide® with Lift-Off® Technology has a lift-off pod, crevice tool and swivel steering help to clean hard-to-reach places that other vacuums can’t.
I also love to entertain, throw parties, and simply invite families over for dinner on a regular basis. One thing that bugs me to no end, is to have crumbs and pieces of tiny garbage along the floor at the base board that I spot AFTER the room has been “vacuumed.” Those are spots that aren’t so easily gathered up with the vacuum base, but this TurboBrush® and crevice tool along with a long stretch hose, I have faith in this vacuum system.
BISSELL vacuum
Do you think the vacuum will suck up all the toys, too?!?  I’m going to test this vacuum in the next week or two, then report back to all of you lovelies my experience, so sit tight!
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BISSELL vacuum

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  1. How fun that you’re giving away a vacuum! I’ve got this phobia of letting my bare feet touch dirty carpet (I always have flip flops on), so I’m vacuum obsessed. 🙂 Great post. Love the pic of your little girl!

  2. I love my Bissell! It almost makes vacuuming fun!

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