Pose in a flattering way

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Today, I’ve got for you a quick photo tip.  When having YOUR picture taken, always remember to do 3 things:

1) Turn the hips
2) Pop the knee
3) Bend the arms

Straight on, the hips look so much wider than when I turn to the side.  Also, to have a separation of the legs by lifting one heel and popping the knee, helps slim as well.  Lastly, giving the arms something to do besides just hang there looks so much more relaxed.  Are you following my road trip on facebook?

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  1. Jessica Stamp says:

    So simple, yet so do-able!

  2. so simple, but makes a big difference, thanks!

  3. oh so simple, but oh so essential!! :o)

  4. Heather W. says:

    great tips!

  5. Good looking in this post, I like your this post and you looking gorgeous with this yellow outfit.

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