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I’ve had a few people review my e-book and I wanted to share what they wrote!

Char at Crap I’ve Made said this among other things, “I’m a math dork that likes very specific instructions, so the ISO chart was totally might have been my favorite part.  Not super anal and codependent?  Don’t worry!  There are dozens of pictures notated with the camera settings used and other tidbits, too!”

 Sugar Bee Craft Edition did a very thorough job of highlighting the format, that there are 3 key points, and liked all the pictures included.  Even, dare I say, she called the 4×6 format genius (blush).

Maryjanes & Galoshes said she had taken college photography classes that left her confused on the manual settings.  She says, “If you’re ready to take your camera off auto with some really basic knowledge that gives you the foundation to build your skills I really recommend this e-book.  It’s short (18 pages, including 6 that are strictly photo examples), but well worth the investment and a heck of a lot cheaper than a college course!”

Cleverly Inspired said that the e-book is simple and easy to understand which makes me VERY happy to hear! She also said, “In my opinion, it should be sold with every DSLR out there! Such great nuggets of information.”

Click on their links to check out the full reviews.

My goal was to make it easy to understand and do-able for those that had never gone beyond auto.  Since I’ve sent it out, I’ve wondered if it explained enough on how to adjust settings for each camera. They are all slightly different on each model, so really you need your camera book to figure out which dials to use to change those settings.  Once you get past that, the book will guide you through various lighting situations.  I would LOVE to hear more feedback!  I have heard a little that the color was off in printing, and really each hour lab will print a bit differently, so it is tough to work around that.  Just make sure you check the box that says to NOT color correct and it will be best.

I’d LOVE to hear your reviews in the comments if you have something to share.  To hear the “aha” moments brings BIG smiles to my face!!!  Also, if you have a suggestion for tweaking, please let me know!

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  1. Kristen, I love this book – for myself, but even more for my friends. I’ve directed those aspiring photographers to your blog for helpful tips, which has been a great resource. However, this is like all of the basics at the tips of our fingertips – explained so we can all understand. One of my friends purchased the book then had it bound at Staples so she can keep it in her camera bag as she learns. She’s so excited to actually learn manual settings. Thank you for sharing your fabulous teaching skills with us!

  2. I’m loving the e-book! Thank you so much! I’ve wanted to go manual for a long time but it just seemed too overwhelming to learn it. Even though I have a Nikon and you have a Canon, you’ve simplified all that technical stuff to where I am really getting the hang of it very quickly. When’s the intermediate e-book coming out? I’m ready! 🙂

  3. I have had my camera just over 2 years and can’t even tell you how many times I’ve Googled tips on shooting in manual mode. It was too overwhelming and none of my pictures turned out so I’d just go back to shooting in Automatic. I was getting so frustrated that I have this incredible camera but don’t know how to use it! When I stumbled upon this e-book I thought it was just what I needed – something basic and to the point. I printed it the day after I got it, read it, tried the tips, practiced different settings/lighting and it just finally CLICKED. It’s been so fun to see pictures turn out perfectly and feel like I’m getting the hang of it. I can’t wait for warmer weather to shoot more outside. I would recommend this e-book for EVERYONE and I love that it fits in my camera bag because I’ll be taking it everywhere. Thanks, Kristen!!

  4. Kristen I wish you much success with the sale of your ebook. I am completely pleased with my purchase and want to let others who may be thinking about buying it know that it is worth way more than the ten dollar price tag.

    Before, I was one of those who was shooting on auto (or the other pre-set offerings) and I was perfectly happy because I was getting good photos…anything less than good I prettied up with photoshop. This led me to spending a lot of time in my desk chair doing major “edits” when I could’ve been doing something way more fun! Since reading Kristen’s tips I now understand a lot more about how my camera works, and I no longer cringe when I see words like aperture, shutter speed, and f stops. Thank you for explaining things in simple terms. Like another reviewer said “it finally clicked.” Now I feel much more confident shooting in manual mode and am really happy to be working alongside my camera…instead of being led by it. Manual mode opens up a whole new realm of creative possibilities!

    Thank you!

  5. Kristen, I want to say thank you for all the hard work you put into making this ebook. I was very grateful when you posted it for sale because I live so far away and couldn’t take advantage of your workshop you were offering. Your ebook made it easy to start shooting in Manual and to realize it isn’t that hard. I have had some practice for a couple weeks and I am excited to continue to perfect my technique. If you go to my website, you can see the Maternity Pictures I took shooting in Manual. Thank you again Kristen.

  6. I love this little book! I switched to Manual today andit wasn’t scary at all! Thank you so much Kristen- looking at your site is such an inspiration.

  7. Stephanie M says:

    I am so glad I came across your blog. With two kids and no family around to help, I hardly have any time to read a photography book. Your little e-book is so informative and gave me the basics on taking a great photo. Although, I’m still in the learning process, I can proudly say No To Auto!

  8. Your book has helped me so much. You communicate well to someone like me, who gets lost if too many technical explanations are given. Breaking it down to 3 steps was just what I needed to get me on my way to shooting in Manual! I had the 4X6 pages spiral bound and it is in my camera bag. The only problem with the size of the small book, is that it means some of the font is pretty tiny to read. Thanks so much for all the help this book and your blog is giving me.

  9. I just bought mine and I am so excited to give it a shot! Heading out on vacation and I am going to be sure to tuck this into my camera bag. Thanks so much!

  10. I have to say your e-book has helped me a lot. As soon as I received it I started right away playing with my camera. I was able to take such great pictures with it. I just actually got it printed and put it into a little picture book to carry with me in my camera bag. I now no longer will be afraid to use the manual settings. Thank you so much for your helpful tips. I can’t wait to get more tips from your blog. Keep up the great work.

  11. Kristen! What a fun site you have here! I ordered this yesterday and shot 100% manual mode today!! I can’t wait for the sun to come out tomorrow so i can continue my tutorial. Wish i could have come to your class at your house! Thank you. thank you.

  12. You told some of my experience (big brother) the last few weeks practicing you manual steps. Not only are my pictures looking much better, I’ve found it has made picture taking more fun for me since I have more impact on trying to get professional looking shots. I’m proud of you and glad you are getting such a positive response to your e-book. It is great to see your passion and talent for photography being recognized by so many.

  13. LOVE LOVE LOVE this book! You make it so simple and easy to understand…I wish I’d have found something like this months ago when I first got my camera! I can’t believe what a difference it has made in just one day. Thanks a million!!!

  14. Kristin, I have noticed that some of your settings will not work on my Canon T1i. In that I mean that my shutter range and such are not as great as your’s. Do you still think this book would help me learn how to use my specific model? I have the canon rebel t1i.

  15. Kristin, I have noticed that some of your settings will not work on my Canon T1i. In that I mean that my shutter range and such are not as great as yours. Do you still think this book would help me learn how to use my specific model? I have the canon rebel t1i.

  16. I bought the ebook Mon and took my girls to the park yesterday. I turned off my auto and will never go back!

    My husband and I were both blown away by the difference in quality and detail.

    Thank you again!

  17. Kristen – it’s a very cool e-book – love the info and the format!


  18. Kristen,
    I have to tell you thank you for putting together the “Say No to AUTO”….it has helped me a lot to figure out my camera! It’s been fun to get out and practice, and I am loving learning more and more. So Thank You!

  19. Thank You!! Very helpful and in a very simple format!

  20. Thank you so much for putting out this wonderful e-book! I love it so much…and what a difference it has made in my photos! No more auto for me. =)


  21. Thank you so much for putting out this wonderful e-book! I love it so much…and what a difference it has made in my photos! No more auto for me. =)


  22. Miko grendow says:


    Good morning! I bought your e-book last night, but not sure how to access it.



  23. I can’t say that I’ve used your book yet because I am waiting for my new camera to arrive. However, I don’t know diddly squat about using anything other than a point and shoot. I saw all of the wonderful reviews and decided to start off my photography education right by going to the expert! The format of your book is very easy to understand and the pictures help me to understand what you’re saying. Thanks so much for sharing your photography expertise with us! Can’t wait to get my camera! 🙂

  24. April Stoltz says:

    Until purchasing your book, I had never taken my SLR off auto mode as I knew very little about the camera and what the various settings meant. In literally less than 10 minutes, I was able to read your book and start taking the first of what has become many pictures in manual mode and I am hooked! Thank you Kristen for making it so easy to take great pictures! I have passed your book on to everyone I know that has an SLR.

  25. Love this booklet, have used the previous one quite a bit, even made cheat notes and stuck them under my camera for faster access. Looking forward to having the updated one and learning the blur – that has always been my favorite technique. Thanks for putting this all together and making it at a price affordable to us.

  26. I purchased an expensive digital SLR and took an even more expensive photography class to learn how to use it. In the end, I felt overwhelmed and frustrated and went back to using my point-and-shoot camera on automatic. ;-( I learned about Kristen’s awesome photography tips from her guest posts on I just bought her ebook and can’t wait to read it (and put that camera to work)!!!

  27. I love this book! I have used it a lot, and barely use Auto! I have also used it to show my husband how to use manual! Not only has it taught me to use manual, but it got me to actually using the manual setting unlike the other books that I have read were I continued to think to myself…”I should try it”. You made it so easy! Thanks for sharing!!!

  28. Linda Widrig says:

    Receiving your e-book came just at the right time. I have struggled and struggled to conquer my fear of going manual…..I am still not there 100% but I am closer. I appreciated the step by step instructions and feel that my photos are so much clearer, brighter and crisp. Thank you again for your excellent e-book.

  29. Abbie Oberhauser says:

    This book has helped me turn completely to auto! My pictures are vibrant and natural. I do not have to spend my time editing because the book has helped me capture the best picture!

  30. I just bought this book last week!!! I was so excited to finally find a pocket-sized book that made sense and that I could actually use in one of those ‘Oh, crud! What setting am I supposed to use right now?’ moments. Please, please send me an updated copy! P.S. I drool over your photos on a weekly basis. You are amazing!

  31. Love the book, had it printed to carry with me in my camera bag. Thanks for sharing your wealth of information and for an affordable price. thanks again.

  32. I love this book. Simple to read, use, and acutally understand. I don’t have time to tinker all the time, but this book can be thrown in your camera bag, and you can refer to it any time. Dare I say I think I even understood the book? I mean I really think I am getting the handle on this… it’s about time! Look out world…get your camera ready face…here I come!

  33. I really have loved this book. I got my DSLR about 2 years ago and have been completely confused about how to use it. This book is easy to carry around and the steps are easy to follow. A must have for beginners!


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