Rudolf Reindeer Art

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Rudolf the red-nosed Reindeer is an iconic Christmas character, sharing a great story about the reindeer that was overlooked, then saved the day! I love a good “under dog” story! I found this adorable unfinished mache animal head at my local Michael’s craft store, and immediately though up this Rudolf Reindeer Art decoration for Christmas.

Rudolf Reindeer Art

I shared this craft last week at Tatertots & Jello, I was SO happy with the response it got! You see, I don’t feel I’m quite as crafty as Jen and some of my other bloggy friends. I wish I were, I try, sometimes it’s a big failure, other times, it works out!  I am delighted to share my recent crafty adventure with my favorite reindeer, Rudolf!


Even though my patience can be challenged, I love to try to include my kids in crafting adventures.  I knew the girls would love the glitter, what I didn’t realize is that my son would be enchanted by the project, and would want to join in on the fun, too.  I gave my 5 year old a paint sponge, some paint, and let her go to town on painting the reindeer head white. We did two coats, you just can’t mess this part up! We skipped painting the antlers, as I knew we were going to glitter them. No concerns about “painting outside the lines.”

reindeer art

Gather your supplies:

  • Reindeer paper mache
  • red jingle bell
  • white paint
  • gold glitter
  • mod podge
  • sealant spray
  • hot glue
  • light bulb or other strand

I then helped her spread mod podge all over the antlers, then we all took turns dumping glitter into every nook and cranny of the antlers. This is where my son helped his sister.

glitter art

glitter craft

christmas craft

What I love about working with glitter is that whatever doesn’t STICK to the project, falls into the box below, and can be used again!

rudolf reindeer glitter art

Once it dried, I sprayed a sealant cover, to reduce the glitter coming loose and falling off. I then used a little hot glue to attach the jingle bell to the tip of his nose. I then draped the light bulb strand across the antlers. I could have glued them, but I kept it off, in case I wanted the option of strand or no strand.  I think the strand was meant to wrap around a mini tree as if it was a garland, found in the Christmas section of Michaels along with the reindeer head.

glitter reindeer

Christmas craft

So simple!

3-D animal art is so popular right now, this was a super simple crafty project even I can do!  I appreciate the craft stores for giving us good “starters” for quick and easy decorations.

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