Funny Stories told by my Older brother, Ryan

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Kristen has asked each of her siblings to enter her blog-o-sphere world to share some memories from her life.  Unlike Kristen, I’m not such an open book publicly, so even 20 – 30 years after some experiences I still don’t want to self-incriminate on past behavior or long-time mysteries too much.  Hopefully, she’ll leave the gaps on anything that I’m purposefully vague.

older brother

{My Junior year of high school, visiting my brother at his freshman year of college at BYU. This is us sitting on the “Y” up on the mountain}

 Since I’m her older brother and we are just two years apart, at times we could be called partners in crime, though more often than not, she was the mastermind who knew how to work the system and I was the one getting in trouble.  It probably started when I was 5 and she was 3 and she offered me a dime if she could sleep in my room in the bunk bed with me.  I said no, and she ended up swallowing the dime, so I got in trouble for not just accepting the money.   She avoided getting sent to the corner or getting grounded too much, but watching how I handled getting caught, and doing the exact opposite if she got caught.  When we were a little older and we got in fights, she would slowly plug her nose and recoil asking me not to breathe on her.  She knew that would make make me crazy, but would give her the upper hand, and I would get in trouble.
Luckily, it wasn’t always sibling rivalry and by the time we were in high school we were friends and our group of friends overlapped and we did things together.  On her end, it probably didn’t hurt that it seemed she had a crush on my different best friends at some point or another, but what little sister doesn’t, right?  For her 14th birthday I took she and her friends to TP someone’s house.  We all had weird hats on and I was messing around trying to make the car rock side to side and we ended up in a ditch.  Tensions were running high and when she and her friends were saying a prayer, my little brother unknowingly interrupted and said “whatya doing guys?” and Kristen whacked him.  We’ve laughed about that memory over the years.  Not only that, some other high schoolers’ towed us out of the ditch and noted we came prepared when they saw a hard hat in the back seat. Not a scratch on the car-why mention it to the parents?
high school friend
{Friends: his Senior and my Sophomore year of high school}
 Kristen and I had plans to be together more when we were both in college together.  However, by the time we were at the same school, I was dating my future wife and Kristen had a new “rivalry” for a while until they worked through it.  It worked out well for Kristen too though, as her future husband also lived in my apartment complex.  Speaking of which, I’ve commented on her blog that I don’t understand why her husband gets a pseudonym in their “story” but my wife and I don’t!  So far, I think there has been more personal details revealed about us than Kristen 😉   Considering what I said about our childhood mischief, I’ve gone back and hidden all journal pre-1996!brother
Theses days, when I talk with Kristen and ask her “what’s new?” more than once she has asked “Did you read my blog?”  I don’t check it regularly but often review a full month or two in one sitting.  I admire Kristen’s dedication and creativity as a photographer and blogger.  It has taken several weeks of persistence and patience for Kristen to get me to write this short entry.  I’m particularly proud that Kristen does all this as much as anything to chronicle her family’s life and not as a distraction from it (though I’m not sure where the “what I wore Wednesday fits with that).  She is protective that each doesn’t take away from her attention to her family.  I”m happy to count her as a friend today.

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  1. Sounds like you may have been trouble makers back in the day 🙂 What a special story to have, worth the trouble of pestering him to write it I am sure! I am looking forward to the rest of the stories!

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Yes, I am grateful that we had each other in high school…even though a few year previously it wasn’t so ideal.

  2. Haha love it! Very smart to not mention the car falling in the ditch to parents at the time… 😉

  3. Jacqueline says:

    Uh-oh, Kristen, are you sure you want us knowing what you were like when you were 2?! 😉

  4. You are a brave woman! If I asked my brothers to write something about my childhood they would not be so nice 😉 You’re lucky to have such a close relationship with your brother!