Say NO to Auto book~ Now in Hardback!

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Well….my version of hardback…not electronic; ) Just a week ago I announced the revision of my Say NO to Auto e-book that was released in January.  I’ve had such an incredible response and feedback, it brings me so much joy!  SO many people have asked me if they could purchase a hard copy instead of the e-book and until now, it just wasn’t feasable.  But I have made up a few samples and I am beyond thrilled!   Also, instead of prints, they are printed on thick cardstock and the pages are double sided, so a little thinner than before. The color is beautiful, and I am very pleased!  Here is just a little sample of the inside:

If you are new to my site, I have written a beginner photography book for those that are afraid to take their cameras off of auto mode called, Say NO to Auto.  You can purchase the electronic version (it is emailed to you and you print it out) for $10 or now the hardcopy (mailed to your home) for $20.  You don’t even have to have an slr camera for this to apply to you, even a point and shoot with manual settings will work.  Its a mini book (4×5 inches) to easily take along in your camera bag,  filled with lots of examples of how to understand the 3 basic steps in manual settings.  I know how intimidating it is to learn the camera settings…I’ve been there!  But it doesn’t have to be, and some people have even said its easy from the explanations in my book spoken in plain English (not like the manual that comes with your cameras). Head on over HERE to read ALL about this little book, as well as lots of comments from happy customers;)
BELOW paypal is JUST for the $20 Hardback. If you want the e-book for $10, purchase on the sidebar. I will soon have it available for outside the US for $27.

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  1. I love this book so much! I bound my first one, and put a ring through the recent one. It is so helpful! The size is perfect for my camera bag! Thanks again!!

  2. Is the e-book in the same 4×5 inch format as the hardback?

  3. Kristen I just found you from iheartfaces and your post there. What a GEM you are 🙂

    I also went to your Find a Photographer section and emailed a woman in my area that you listed (Melissa K.) I’m in San Diego and had I known about you and your recent visit to SoCal, would have loved to meet you.

    Thinking about buying your hardcover book, too.

    Thank you for your great site!

  4. That is awesome!! They look great!!

  5. Hi Kristen! I have a photography question for you. Do you keep a photographer’s notebook? And if you do, what do you write in it?

  6. hm looks like I’ll be getting a new book soon! Love it, and is that Naomi on the cover??

  7. I wish I could attend one of your workshops! Hands on is so much better than reading on line and figuring it out! The book looks awesome!!


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