Say No to Auto Camera Workshop in Austin

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A week ago, I had a Camera workshop in Austin, this next weekend will be one in Houston, so let me know if you want to join! I’ve had people drive up to 6 hours before, so if you are in the GREATER Houston area, come on over!  I don’t have immediate plans for Dallas or San Antonio at this point, so if you are there, come on over.  Here is my beautiful group in Austin.

I didn’t take a whole lot of pics myself, but here is one of the group as I’m talking to them.

And then I took a headshot of my blogging friend, Jamie from C.R.A.F.T. It was so fun to finally meet her after some email correspondence the past year or so.

It was so wonderful to host my workshop at my dentist’s office, Chisholm Trail Dental Health! It was such a great spot with wonderful natural light. (If you are local and need a dentist, give them a call, they rock–my kids think so, too)!

 dentist in Round Rock texas

If you are in Texas and want to learn more about my workshops, what we cover, and the cost, see HERE.

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  1. nancyeileen says:

    I truly enjoyed your Say NO To Auto workshop.
    Very informative and I love the way you were able to take your time with each of us and address our questions!
    Wonderful gals in attendance, too.
    Y’all make me want to begin blogging!
    Thanks again!

  2. Thanks, Kristen, for a fun, casual, hands on and super informative workshop! I’m vowing to put my cam back on the A! Love that pic of us with our cams!

  3. Thanks Kristen, for all the great advice. I had a great time learning new things and getting to know you!

  4. Fun! My friend from high school was there! Lindsey 🙂

  5. This workshop was SO helpful and Kristen is such a great teacher. She was able to help us each individually and address any issues/questions we may have had. I got so much out of the workshop, and definitely feel much more confident using my camera now!