Say NO to Auto~3 Basic steps to Understanding Manual Camera Settings

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Say NO to Auto~3 Basic steps to Understanding Manual Camera Settings is a little book to teach you in simple steps how to use your dSLR camera on manual settings.Say NO to Auto~3 Basic steps to Understanding Manual Camera Settings

Say NO to Auto~3 Basic steps to Understanding Manual Camera Settings is made for the frustrated mom photographer who just can’t seem to figure out all the jargon in those wordy camera manuals. I tried to learn from books and I just couldn’t get it, my brain just couldn’t absorb the details. So I created a mini book to help others like me, small enough to fit in your camera bag to reference on the go.

Do you have a nice, fancy camera that you don’t know how to use?  Do you feel frustrated that you are always getting dark pictures on Auto?  This book is for you!

I first released this as an e-book in January 2011, with revisions done August 11, 2011.  I’ve had 100% positive feedback (see comments below) that this beginners book has transformed the photography efforts of those that have read it.  You don’t have to be a professional photographer to want to take beautiful pictures of your family and friends.

Say NO to Auto~3 Basic steps to Understanding Manual Camera Settings is all you need to figure out those 3 main settings:

  • ISO
  • Aperture
  • Shutter Speed

Here is why this little book makes me so happy–It is the basics, friends.


There are so many books out there that highlight every little thing you can learn about your camera, and while they are fabulous… to the beginner, it is VERY overwhelming.  My self prescribed attention deficit cannot handle the overload of information.  I know because I tried when I was teaching myself the camera years ago.  I don’t do books well.

This book has 17 mini pages that is equal to 4 regular size pages–that’s all it takes to understand the 3 basic steps to understanding manual camera settings😉 I am a big believer that you start with the basics and once those are mastered, move on to more.  Once the basics are better understood, then those books will make more sense.

For those new to my site, here  is what you can expect from this book:

Say NO to Auto:  3 basic steps to understanding manual camera settings

I have broken down the complicated method of using the manual settings on slr cameras and narrowed it down to 3 basic questions you must ask yourself before taking a shot.  Here is what you need to know:

  1. It is 17-4×6 pages with picture examples and settings of those images to help you in any lighting situation you may find yourself.
  2. I intentionally made it pocket sized so it was easily transportable.
  3. You can purchase the e-book ($10), so you can print it at a lab (as 4×6 pictures) or at home and spiral bind it or put a ring on it, or even slip the 4×6 prints inside of a mini photo album to bind the book. {E-book means that I am not mailing a hard copy to you, but e-mailing you a digital copy for you to print}
  4. If you aren’t the type to read it on the computer and print it out on your own, you can also purchase the hard copy for $20 pluse $2 shipping!
  5. Check out my sidebar for both paypal options.

The example above shows the difference between auto and manual settings.  I used the same great lens for both shots, with one snap on auto and the other on the manual settings that I chose.  If you cover up the manual shot and just look at the auto, it doesn’t look so awful, but when you see what it COULD be, you realize there is so much more to photography than shooting on auto.  Even my model knows…look at her face on that auto shot…she’s thinking, “Are you really going to put it on the auto setting?”

Though I normally use photoshop to enhance the color in my images, I did not use it at all, to show actual results with my manual settings on the right (the same image on the cover does have my color pop enhancement). I believe strongly that photoshop is meant to enhance, not fix.  Try as I may, I will never be able to “fix” an image to look as great as one taken correctly in the first place.

The book includes lots of examples for different lighting conditions with the color coded settings like the shot below:

Below are a few snaps of the hard copy.  Thick cardstock, Spiral bound/front & back printing.

Say NO to Auto~3 Basic steps to Understanding Manual Camera Settings

My most favorite part of this new edition is this blurred page below:  From my workshops to extensive research, I realized I needed to help people find the right buttons in order to change them, and I have color coded examples for both Canon and Nikon users (similar application to other brands, as well).  This research alone, I could have doubled the price of the book, but I’m keeping it the same affordable price~$10.


 There you have it… New and improved!!! Purchase  the e-version or hard copy on the right sidebar.

{If you do not have a paypal account, you can still use paypal with your credit or debit card, just look for that option when you click BUY NOW}

Please let me know if you have any questions!!!

Say NO to Auto~3 Basic steps to Understanding Manual Camera Settings is the best way to get started!

***UPDATE!***  Intermediate photography book, Get Focused, is now available. Purchase either book RIGHT HERE, or click on the image below for more info.

GET FOCUSED intermediate photography book, follow up to Say NO to Auto~3 Basic steps to Understanding Manual Camera Settings

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  1. Tons of helpful info! Made me much more comfortable with my new dslr.

  2. LOVE this book. I keep it in my camera bag for quick reference when out shooting. A must-have for understanding the basics of manual photography!

  3. Can’t wait to see the new version! Lots of great tips so I’m excited to get it all printed for my camera bag.

  4. I LOVE this book. I had them printed and keep it in my camera bag or my purse at all times. This has helped me more than a class I took elsewhere last month!

  5. I love this book! I have learned so much about my camera, I don’t even know where to begin. I was stuck on AUTO because I was afraid to explore before I had this book!

  6. I just got the e-book and haven’t had a chance to look at it yet, but would love to get the revised edition so I can get the most out of it. Once I have a chance, I would love to write a review on my blog and FB. Thank you!

  7. This book is giving me more confidence to shoot in manual on my new DSLR. Thanks!

  8. I can’t wait to read all the new little secrets you will share in the update!

  9. I have read a number of photography books over the last couple months trying to learn how to shoot in manual mode, but I have to say that the simplicity and straightforwardness of Say No to Auto has really had one of the biggest impacts improving my photography. I learn by example and the images you use in the book (breaking down the photo by setting) have helped me SO much. I’m excited to see what the revised copy includes! Thanks so much!

  10. Love your e book Kristen. I so like the straight forward instructions and pictures.
    Thank you,

  11. I just bought this ebook a few days ago and haven’t had too much of an opportunity to work with it yet. I am really, really looking forward to getting to know my dslr better outside of AUTO! 🙂

  12. I have a 5 month old and have been shooting on auto since he was born. I love having the e-book as a guide and am slowly working my way into the manual life 🙂 Thank you for making it so user friendly!!!

  13. Margaux Lippoldt says:

    I have had a Canon DSLR for over a year now. I’ve gotten very good at using Auto, unfortunately. I know my camera has the ability to take great pictures, I just don’t know how. I have only had “Just Say No to Auto!” for a few days, and have already learned so much. I really, really love the cheat sheat on one of the first few pages. Things like “Sunny day in open shade= ISO 200 f 3.5 ss 1/250” make it easy for beginners. It’s like taking pictures for dummies!

  14. Thank you for providing such simple and clear instructions on how to take the plunge and take my camera off auto! This e-book makes it seem so easy!!

  15. First of all, I love the size of this book and the information provided has great information right at your fingertips.

  16. Brenda H. says:

    I LOVE this book. It has given me the courage to take my camera off auto. Great, easy to understand instructions. I look forward to the new, revised edition. Thanks Kristen!!!

  17. I currently have the older version of this book and I absolutely love it! It is so easy to become overwhelmed by all that other photography books and my manual have to offer. This book is a wonderful breakdown of the most important things to think about when taking pictures in manual mode, without totally overwhelming me and I have learned so much about my camera. I now keep it in my camera bag so that I can refer to it often.

  18. The book has been soooo helpful because I just purchased my first SLR and am slowing learning how to use it! Tons of great information! So glad I bought it!

  19. I’m always getting questions from friends and family about using manual mode. I got this book to learn how to explain in simple terms the process of shooting in manual. This book as really helped me give better tips to friends and families. I’m excited to see the revised edition. Thanks Kristen : )

  20. I just bought the “old” version last week! I love it! It is in my camera bag. I am bummed out a new version came out so soon after I purchased. I would have waited had I known.

  21. I just ordered this book but I have browsed through it and I appreciate the little insights here and there. I have another book by another photographer and it’s nice to have a few different opinions so I can find my niche. 🙂 Thanks Kristen!

  22. Brandy Alt says:

    I’m a stay at home mom with a degree in Elementary Education. I am a self taught crafter and photographer, I’m learning and having have with it all. Some friends of mine who are getting married in December in Virgina are in Kansas to visit. I asked if I could take some free engagement pics of them at Kansas State University. I am so excited to use the tips I learned in this book.
    I also did a mini shoot with my 5 month old niece in natural light before I bought this book and wish I had read ths before!!! Thank you so much for the help Kristen!

    Brandy Alt

  23. love it. great work!

  24. Plain and simple for me- it got me off auto when other books were too complicated ! Concrete examples are awesome ! I currently carry it in my camera bag, and am very thankful I found this resource !!

  25. allison G says:

    Can’t wait to see the new version! This has helped me so much! I would have never tried Manual mode if it hadn’t been for this book. The only other Setting I ever went to was P mode(ha! Which is basically Auto) Thanks so much!

  26. Tracy janes says:

    I have loved your e book. It Is written in plain language that a rookie like myself can understand. It has really made my pictures more clear and less in need of editing after shoots. The ebook has also helped me to set things faster, just a quick glance at the charts for a reminder and I am good to go.


    I also posted about you on my blog!

  27. Angela Hanson says:

    I purchased the original e-book and I love it!! It’s made it super easy to learn to use my camera! I highly recommend it to everyone I know!!!

  28. I love love your book. It has taught me so much! Your book has taught me so much more about my camera. I keep it With me anytime I have my camera.

  29. It’s helped me because it’s not overwhelming — I’d love to get the updated version. Thank you!

  30. I absolutetly love this book!!!! It has made me so much more comfortable with taking my camera off of auto! I now take much more professional looking pictures! Can’t wait to use all my knowledge when my family goes to the beach soon!! Thanks so much Kristen!

  31. I was so excited when I found your ebook. I learn very hands on. I can not learn by reading. Your information really helped me remember the basics and apply them. Thank you! Thank you!

  32. I’ve only had the book a few weeks, while I’m still getting used to the switch from auto to manual, I have already seen an improvement in my photo’s, can’t wait to get the new version.

  33. Melanie F says:

    The biggest help your e-book offered me, was to give me the courage to turn off the auto settings. You explained it in a way that made sense to me! Where I used to struggle adjusting manual settings to get a good photo I finally understand how they all work together (& in what conditions). My pictures have been greatly improved! THANK YOU!!!

  34. Recently I purchased your ebook… impressed with the format and the ease of use. I think this will help me grow as a manual photographer!

  35. Wendy Ward says:


    I’ve put so many of the points in your e-book to use since reading it. I even ordered a 50 mm fixed lens and received it just this week. I can hardly wait for the weekend just so I can get out and play with it. There’s no doubt I’ll have my printed and bound copy of your book in hand as I go! I can’t wait to see your new version!


  36. Kristen I have shared this on Facebook and Twitter and to follow a blog post. I do not lie when I say it is the best book going because like you I dont like reading very long this is a quick reference guide as well as a helpful tool and I love the colours and the help it gives. Thank you for taking time out to both produce and update it. I cant wait for the new edition – Thankyou!!

  37. Valerie Brough says:

    I just bought this book last week. I haven’t been able to put to use all of the wonderful information, however, after perusing it..I’m excited to use my camera! I’ve only been taking auto pictures due to the fact that I don’t know what each button does or how to adjust it properly. This book helps!

  38. I need things spelled out to me in regular language and this ebook TOTALLY makes sense! I’ve only had it for a couple weeks and I feel like my pictures have improved dramatically! Thank you!

  39. I just started to get into photography and I love it! I see the potential that my pictures have and this book has really helped me get there. I still have a lot to learn, but this book has helped me learn the basics of manual mode!

  40. This book has made quite a difference for my husband and myself. I laminated it and now it is in our camera bag all of the time. Thanks so much.

  41. I currently have the older version of this book, and it is FANTASTIC! I love that I can just keep it with me in my camera bag, and I can learn on the go!

  42. I currently have the older version of this book and love it. I printed it off, and keep it with me in my camera bag. I love that I can learn on the go!

  43. As soon as I purchased this e-book I had it printed and put it in a mini album and started taking it everywhere I went with my camera. I can honestly say I don’t need to get it out anymore because it was THAT EASY to learn. I purchased another e-book that had good info in it but not nearly as well organized or easy to understand as Kristen’s. I have actually started to charge a small fee for photo sessions because I post my photos on facebook and people are liking what they see! I can look at my pics progress from before learning from Kristen’s e-book to now and I’m getting better and better each time. Don’t hesitate to buy it. I recommend it to anyone who asks me to teach them “how to work their camera”. 🙂 Thanks Kristen!

  44. love your e-book. it’s nice to read the verbiage, but so much nicer to see the results. glad you provided real samples in your e-book so i’m able to see the results and compare mine with it. it’s definitely helping me become one with my camera.

  45. I absolutely would be no where if not for you’re basic intro to the manual settings. I purchased your e-book and have followed all your advice on the idea room. I’ve been taking photos in only manual mode since purchasing your e-book and couldn’t be more happy about the results I’ve been able to achieve. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  46. I LOVE how user friendly this book is. I have always been overwhelmed by all of the photography information out there that it has been difficult to learn on my own. This book breaks the concepts down into a format that I understand and can use immediately. Thank you Kristen.

  47. I love my little book. I spent time to laminate the pages and keep it on a ring on my camera bag. It is such a handy little reference. I have some fantastic family photos- I credit this book.

  48. This book has really made me much more comfortable with my manual settings, it makes it so simple. I love the chart that breaks down the ISO settings, super helpful. Thanks Kristen!

  49. I LOVE Say NO to Auto! It has taught me so much already about my new camera. I was already familiar with a lot of the terminology (like aperture, shutter speed, etc.) from reading photography tutorials of yours on The Idea Room. It helped me be so ready to absorb everything you shared in your book. After my husband gave me a dslr as a special gift, I knew I had to buy your book! Aside from the obvious loves about it (understanding how to put my knowledge of the terminology to use), my favorite part is that you explain what your settings were for your sample photos. I’ll be referring back to them over and over again.

    Thank you so much for such a great resource! I posted about it on my blog today:

  50. Gia Simmons says:

    This is my ” go to” resource for all things photography. I live the lighting pointers in terms of setting your ISO and the example shots are so valuable. Can’t imagine how it got improved upon but so excited to see the newer version.

  51. I haven’t read previous comments so maybe it was asked already, but if we have the older version, would we need to get this new version? Is it the same book but just added one or two pages or is something that would be beneficial to purchase again?

    LOVE the older version!

  52. Thanks Kristin! I love the e-book. I stash it in my bag to refer too! Great work and great size!

  53. Thanks so much Kristin for taking me to the manual mode on my nikon! I couldn’t have done it without your e book! It is now in my camera bag and I will try never to go back to auto! Gaye

  54. Michelle M says:

    Can’t wait for the updates! The book is great and explains the basics is easy to understand terms. Haven’t been able to have it printed and bound yet but cannot wait!

  55. Vero Lamas says:

    This e-book is very good.
    In January I took a 2 hour class( at a profesional school) and when the class finished I was still struggling.
    I bought this e-book and it is sooo MUCH easy! Still trying to understand why they make it so complicated in that class!
    Loving the 3 steps!
    Thank you Kristen!

  56. Great e-book! Recently purchased the old version; love the examples!

    I have tweeted about this book @Lifeasadill!

  57. I can finally use my camera! I was totally frustrated with my new camera until I read your book and could look at the pictures in it and have that aha moment where it clicked. I have to say I have taken some way amazing pictures since reading the book!

  58. The biggest help for me was using the number of people in the photo to adjust the settings. Simple, easy to understand tips like these are what made this mini book invaluable. My husband, a long time photographer, even sneaks a peek on occasion to get some new ideas.

    Thanks for helping me take better shots!

  59. Susan Byrd says:

    Loved the e-book. It made learning manual so much easier than other books I have read. I am more confident in shooting manual now.

  60. My youngest daughter has never been to a portrait studio (she’s almost 9 months now) thanks in part to this awesome guide!!

  61. I love the E-Book … it’s my go-to when I am shooting!! I also blogged about this/.

  62. I just purchased this book and am so excited to explore through its pages. I am positive it will be of benefit as a friend of mine who is awesome at photography recommended it to me. I am an amateur but feel positive that this book get me off my feet and give me that jump start that I need. Thanks Kristen!

  63. thanks for the original version! love that it fits right in my camera bag. just the bump i needed to get off auto. thanks!

  64. I just got my ebook last weekend and have not had the chance to look at it for more then a minute. Although I have been taking pictures with my digital SLR for years I have never had enough faith to try manual mode. My husband has given me a little guidance and has also showed me the book he used to learn how to use manual mode. But I have not been willing to take the time to try it. After I read through this very simple book I decided to pull out my camera and figure out how to do it. I have taken some pictures trying out the techniques and then trying it in auto mode to see what looks best. I haven’t had a chance to look at the pictures and compare but I already feel I have been given an easy reference book that isn’t hard to understand. Hopefully with more use I will become that better photographer I want to become. Thanks for putting it together and helping us “book” challenged learners to get out of AUTO mode. Hopefully as I get a chance to try out more pictures I will be able to write about it on my blog and tell my friends about how easy it is to get out of AUTO mode.

  65. I LOVE the book. Brilliant design–cute and easy to carry with me. I think one of the most helpful things for me was the explanation of aperture with number of people. It helped me feel much more comfortable changing that setting on my camera. Thanks so much for a great book!

  66. I haven’t printed out the ebook yet, but I’ve been spending some time reading through it since I just got a brand new camera that I know NOTHING about! All of these tips and tricks have really helped me begin to figure out my camera’s manual settings…I LOVE it and really need to get it printed =]

  67. I have loved this book. I like how simple it is and it has taught me how to start using my camera. Thanks so much for your hard work putting this together. If you ever have a class that is close to Idaho I will be there.

  68. This has so much great information on how to take great photos! And it’s even easy to understand!

  69. I love this book. It stays in my camera bag for a quick reference.

  70. Donna Anderson says:

    This is such a great book! I had read several books trying to learn my new dslr, but this is the one that made everything make sense and helped me Say No to Auto! Definitely worth the price. And I keep referring back to it as I’m learning.

  71. I just bought this book last week so haven’t had a lot of time to practice. But after reading through it with only three steps to work through it makes the whole proccess more simple. Not as intimidating as it always seems and will help me so I am not taking as many bad pictures just winging how to get a decent shot. A much better starting point. Thanks

  72. Sonia Mazur says:

    I just purchased the book last week, and I feel like I’ve just opened my eyes to photography. I bought a 50D from a friend but continued to shoot on auto cause I was scared. I’ve taken the best pictures of my kids this last week then I ever had. Everyone must buy the book!

  73. I love this book! Finally, an understandable great reference book that I can actually keep in my camera bag and not have to flip through a kazillion pages to find what I need! Every beginning DSLR owner should have this book!


  74. I love this portable little book, packed with wonderful tips on how to take better photos. Simple to understand and a quick read, you can get started immediately saying “no to auto!”

  75. Esther Jensen says:

    I have really loved this little book. The material was presented so I could easily follow it and my pictures improved so much! Thanks for getting me to start using manual!

  76. The book got me inspired to spend some time with my camera manual and experiment. I’ve started using my own settings more often and am enjoying the results. Thank you!

  77. I have only had this book for a few days but I’m really happy with what I’ve been able to see so for far! I would definitely recommend this book as it is easy to understand and portable. I’m excited to see the updated version as well. Thank you Kristen!

  78. I am looking forward to receiving the updated version. I have learned so much from your little book and have used my manual setting all summer! I will also look forward to a more advanced book that I’m sure you will do some day!

  79. I LOVE this book. For the first time I understand how to use my camera to get the pictures I want! Thanks!!

  80. I have LOVED your first e-book. When I got my camera, after reading the manual, I still stuck to auto. It was way too complicated for me, and I wanted to start taking pictures NOW. But after getting your e-book, I’ve never switched back to auto, and I can take beautiful pictures of my children. So thank you!!

  81. It really is an amazing idea-now I just need to get myself a nice camera and I am good to go!!

  82. I just got the e-book last week and I have already been able to take better pics. Love that there are examples of photos using different manual settings…really gives you a better understanding of what changing the ISO, aperture etc. will do to your photo. Thanks!

  83. I have printed the book and am ready to hit the lake this weekend with copies in hand. Can’t wait to give it all a try. I love the examples and the settings!!

  84. Thanks for the ebook. Looking forward to taking better pictures. 🙂

  85. jenn Krause says:

    I love how simple this book is. Having pictures to go along with the settings makes it easy to understand what effect I am trying to achieve. great size for my camera bag too.

  86. Amanda Lassiter says:

    I LOVE your e-book! It is helping me learn to take great photos of my newborn! I can’t wait to see the revised edition!

  87. I just got my book and can’t wait to get my pictures not to be so dark! Thank you Kristen!

  88. Liberty Cameron says:

    I LOVE your book. I just got it and can’t wait to put it to use….I would love the update. I have also shared this on facebook here, I LOVE your blog and ALL of your work!!! I am always inspired by you and everything you do.

  89. stephanie p. says:

    this book helped make sense of my manual. it was worded in a way that made me say “ahh!” instead of “huh?” great book to have!

  90. The original “Say No to Auto” stays in my camera bag all the time! It’s a great (and portable) reference that has given me the confidence to use manual mode while shooting all of those candid kid moments. The sample photos made all the difference for me & I don’t hesitate to recommend it. I can’t wait to see the new book. Keep up the great work.

  91. This has been my photography bible!! Since having my baby boy 4 months ago I’m am taking better pictures now! Ones I am proud to frame in my home 🙂

  92. *blogged* about your NEW e-book. I really did GUSH 😉 Took the kiddos out today for a mini photo shoot learning my new tricks from you…. and it was AMAZING!! what a difference… thank you I am so excited to have the NEW e-book ! it is private, but you can trust me.

  93. This is so exciting! I NEED this book. 🙂 Can’t wait to learn how to use my camera after 3 years of shooting in auto. 🙂

  94. Hi Kristen!

    I love your book! I just got my dSLR and still learning how to use it. Your book has helped me understand lighting and I’ve even captured some decent photos [ I’m still a beginner ]. I keep it in my camera bag and have refer to it often!

  95. Beth Stephenson says:

    I love this book! I thought it was silly to have such a nice camera and just use the auto function, but was scared of all of the new lingo… aperature, f/stop, shutter speed, iso, etc. Kristen takes real-life examples and speaks in easy-to-understand language that put me at ease and improved my pictures!

  96. Hi Kristen

    I just got your E-book last week but I already love it! So far what I have found to be most useful is knowing that that little green bar means when I look through my viewfinder and being able to make ajustments to my settings to make the little green bar register in the middle (I forget what its called!)

    I also loved that you say that ISO is #1 becuase I’ve been using my AV or TV priority but always leave ISO to auto because I’ve never understood it… so now I’m shooting on auto and trying out different settings- thanks!

    I cant wait to see the NEW book!

  97. I have the first edition of this workbook, and it’s been such a huge help. I love that it’s straight forward, easy to understand, and spells out exactly what settings to use to achieve the best shot. My images have improved so much since reading this workbook!

  98. I have learned a lot from this book. I don’t rely so much on the auto mode anymore. I especially love the section on what ISO setting to use.

  99. This book has been so great! It gives starting settings for all kinds of lighting situations and that has been super useful. I can’t wait to see what was added to it 🙂 Thanks for helping me get the most use out of my camera!

  100. Well, I’m excited to hear about the new book! I just purchased the first ebook, so I haven’t had time to print it off yet, but I’m sure if the new book is filled with some of those wonderfull tips like the blog, I will surely enjoy the book.


  101. I just purchased the book. I’m excited about being able to use my camera outside of auto. I really like the example pictures and the settings used to help visually see results.

  102. I love this little book and refer to it often. I keep it in my camera bag.

    I shared your link on mt fb wall.

  103. Amyville in AZ says:

    Getting my comfort level into the MANUAL mode couldn’t have happened without your book 🙂

  104. Because of the e-book I can finally say I shoot in manual 🙂 The e-book made everything click for me. I love this book!

  105. I don’t even know why they include manuals with cameras that you can’t understand! They should just include this one, easy to understand, and pretty colors make it that much better!

  106. i just tweeted about it!!/maddymeat

  107. My photos have really improved since ‘saying NO!’

  108. Jeanne Headrick says:

    So helpful! thank you for making learning fun! a must-have.

  109. Patricia Curry says:

    I feel so much comfortable now being able to not just stick to auto. I went to wal-mart and had them develop the book for me then I bought a little photo book and stuck them in there and now I just carry it in my camera bag at all times. I can always have it there for reference when I am out and about. Just totally makes me feel so much confident of what I am doing having those little notes on hand.

  110. LOVE every bit of the book – too many helpful hints to narrow it down to one. Definitely getting much more comfy making my own settings 🙂

  111. Love the e-book! Thanks for demystifying my camera!!

  112. Love the e-book! Thanks for demystifying my camera!!

  113. This awesome little book has been such a great help to me in learning how to shoot in manual. I never wanted to try it, never! It just seemed all to complicated and not worth it…but then I got my hands on this little book and WOW! Totally changed my mind and totally was worth it! Kristen uses terms and words that you can understand and you can apply these methods right away….and it’s FUN! Who knew that manual could be so fun! I keep this little treasure tucked in my camera bag and just refer to it when I need to! You won’t be disappointed in this book, not at all! Thanks Kristen!

  114. I haven’t used auto since your book arrived in my inbox. I printed them out like you suggested and carry in my camera bag. Thanks

  115. Got the book several months ago and have loved it. I had an idea of that I needed to do to shoot manually, but had no idea to go about it. The overall feel of the book is simple, though out and makes a traditionally intimidating subject EASY to learn!! Thank you!!!!!

  116. Hi!!! Thanks Kristen for your previous versión. It is my portable calcultor! It does the hard thing for me, but I still get the result! Looping forward to the updated one!

  117. Linda Widrig says:

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    I recently took my kids’ yearly portraits by myself and EVERYONE asks where I had them done! 🙂 Thanks so much, Kristin!!

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  254. i just purchased with paypal and it auto populated the wrong address! i sent you an email with my correct address. please confirm you got it! thanks!! gretchen

  255. did you get my post?

  256. hey kristen – i posted on my facebook ( your new update! looking forward to the changes. i JUST used your book the other day to take some photos of my friend’s daughter for her baptism. i’m NOT a professional in any way, but your tips make me feel like i sort of know what i’m doing! next step…invest in a better lens 🙂

    thanks for all your help!
    angie j.

  257. I love this little book! It conveniently fits in my camera bag and whenever I need to refer to it, it’s there. I am new to photography and this book really helps make sense of the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. I can assure you that I will never use my auto setting again! Thanks Kristen 🙂

  258. I love this book! I keep it in my camera bag and use it as a reference whenever just can’t get my picture quite right. I would love to see your new addition!

  259. I have loved this book! The layout is great and it is easy to find things quickly. Very user friendly. My friends and family have all been very impressed with my pictures. I’m excited to see the revised version.

  260. Marisa David says:

    The e-book is so perfect for someone learning to say no to auto 🙂 She doesn’t speak photoese…just simple easy to learn steps to get you in control of your camera!

  261. This is my “go to” when I am wanting to get a good picture!! I LOVE this little book:) Its simple enough to carry in my camera bag so that I can do a “quick” reference before I take a picture, yet in depth enough that I get a better shot everytime I use It!!! Thanks for sharing your amazing talent and knowledge!

  262. This book has been such a help to me. I always have it in my camera bag for quick reference. It has really gotten me off my auto crutch on my slr and has me taking great photos of my family.

  263. I love this book! It has made me feel more comfortable with my DSLR. Thank you Kristen!

  264. The Say No to Auto Ebook was the best thing that every happened to me. I was already using my camera in Av most of the time but never really understood why the camera was choosing those settings. After reading and rereading the Ebook I finally figured it what that little meter inside the eye piece was for and how to adjust it. I can not believe how much my photos improved. I constantly get comments on them and I know its because I am not shooting on Auto vs friends of mine that are. I am not a pro but just a mom with a passion to photograph my kids and thanks to this book those photos look great. I carry it everywhere with me even when I dont have my camera just to keep reading it.

  265. I love this book! I carry it in my camera bag for quick reference 🙂 I’ve had my dSLR for a few years now and have been stuck on Auto. This little book explained the basics in a way that was easier to understand than any other book I’ve come across!

  266. Great book!! I think I finally feel comfortable enough to shoot manual now!! Thank you!

  267. Sarah Foss says:

    I LOVE this book! I carry it in my camera bag at all times just in case I have a brain fart and can’t remember! Thank you Kristen!!!

  268. Kristen, you book has helped me improve my photos sooo much! Before I purchased your book, I had looked online for help using my camera. Everything I read seemed so complicated until I read yours. Your book explains the camera settings in a very simple way. Great book!

  269. I have taken two different online photography classes in the last two years and I felt like I needed the cliff notes versions for both! There were certain aspects that were just not sticking for me. I bought this book hoping for a couple of good tips and it turned out to be just what I needed. I had an A-HA that has helped me on several occasions get the shot I was hoping for. It is user-friendly and just the right size to stick in your camera bag. I’m so pleased that I bought it!

  270. I have the original e-book and I love it because it puts everything I want to know and get frustrated that I forget all at my fingertips. LOVE it!

    Thanks for offering the revised e book!!


  271. I actually bought this ebook BEFORE I bought my DSLR. I had read so many good reviews of Say No to Auto, that I decided that I needed it before I actually got my camera! This book lived up to all of the great reviews that I read. I think my favorite part of the book is the handy ISO reference chart. I am experimenting with ISO settings and Kristen has made it so easy with this chart. LOVE!!

  272. Great book. . .just need to get it out more so I can get use to the manual settings. Like the simplicity of the book and can’t wait for the updated version:) Thanks! (ALSO POSTED ON FB).

  273. I LOVE this book. I keep it with my camera for quick reference. It has helped me to be more comfortable with my picture taking. thank you for writing this book!

  274. Clarissa Meegan says:

    Kristen–I have loved having your little book to carry around in my camera case. The thing that has been most useful to me is the ISO quick sheet. You really put everything in simple man’s terms…and I’m SO THANKFUL for it!

  275. Kristin, I can’t thank you enough for your book! Within the last year I became a new mommy and as a gift my husband bought me a DSLR camera to capture all those fun and wonderful baby moments. The only problem, I had no idea how to get the wonderful photos I saw everyone capturing with their DSLR cameras. I kept reading and researching and couldn’t make heads or tails out of all the info. It was like a foreign language to me. Finally I found your ebook, purchased it and am finally capturing the moments of my baby that I dreamed of. It’s taken a lot of trial and error. But, HUGE progress is being made. I now enjoy and love my camera; and most importantly I’m capturing those special moment so my little one. Thank you!!!!

  276. Just got your email about your revised book! Loved the first version so I know the revised is gonna be great! :)The thing I loved the best was the page where you showed which ISO to use in different settings (full light, half shade…etc). That was so helpful for me. I’m a very new beginner at this and am very grateful for your tips on how to use my camera off auto! I linked up to my facebook about it. Thanks!

  277. Samantha Lowe Wayment says:

    Just wanted to say how much I love your booklet! I use it all the time! I’m not a professional, but I love having high-quality pictures of my kids! I’ve had my camera for 4 years, and I’ve always been too intimidated to take it off “Auto”. Your booklet helped me make sense of all the photog jargon, and allowed me to learn how to take a great picture! Thanks to you, I’m not intimidated by the manual settings anymore 🙂

  278. Bernadette says:

    Love your book! Can’t wait to get an updated copy!

  279. I’m just getting into photography and used this book to help with the manual setting on my film SLR. I produce quality photos and the book stays in my camera bag at all times!

  280. I love how handy this little book is! I’ve learned so much about manual settings and my photos are improving so much. Such a great investment for my go-to camera bag! Love love love it!!

  281. Holli Plunkett says:

    I keep this book in my camera bag at all times! It’s great to reference to while I’m out shooting!

  282. This was a super helpful booklet to understand proper lighting and proper use of the manual settings. The pictures were the best part for those of us who are visual learners Loved it 🙂

  283. Nicole Koontz says:

    I keep your book right next to my camera and refer to it all the time! I still have so much to learn, but thanks to your book I am starting to venture away from using auto all the time!!! Thanks for writing the book and making it available to purchase!

  284. Say No to Auto is TERRIFIC! I love how simply it breaks everything down for me so I can begin to take wonderful photograph’s! Very well put together. Simple terminology that makes sense and allows you to start taking better pictures quickly.

  285. thank you for this handy book! I have printed it out and I keep it in my camera bag. it is a must have and definately worth the money!

  286. Shanna Drinkard says:

    Loved the original of this E-book! Can’t wait to see what the revisions are. Shared your link on my facebook….I think everybody who has a DSLR should order a copy :-). Love the size…I printed one for my camera bag, one to keep in my van, and one for home. Thanks Kristen for explaining the switch to manual in a way that is easily understandable for the average girl!

  287. I’m still learning my fancy camera and this book has helped a lot! Love how simple and small it is.

  288. This ebook is fabulous! We purchased so that we could take better photos our newborn. Written in an easy-to-understand format, we have learned so much. Thank you for your help!

  289. My husband had been complaining that he bought me an expensive camera and I had never learned to do anything with it. Now I am learning how to take it off of auto mode!

  290. Melissa Davis says:

    I love your booklet! What a simple and straightforward reference guide to taking better photos! It’s handy size makes it a perfect fit in my camera bag.

  291. Shannon Weeks says:

    I have had a nice camera for a while but never knew how to use anything but the manual setting. Your book has helped me to explore other settings and take the type of pictures that I have wanted to take, but didnt know how to. Thanks!!

  292. This is the resource that I have used to teach myself manual settings on a DSLR camera. I knew NOTHING but this book has helped immensely! Can’t recommend it enough!

  293. Hi Kristen. I am always SO happy when I pull out your instructions! My children’s portraits are so beautiful when I use your tips. Thanks for helping a newbie like me get in some great shots!

  294. I love your Say NO to Auto book and I take it with me wherever I go, on vacation, to the park, around the house, it just makes those moments when the lighting or the picture doesn’t look right so easy to turn into spectacular. Thanks again for helping us take better photos at such an affordable price!

  295. Have loved your e-book and my pictures are turning out a lot better as well. Thank you for all your tips, looking forward to your update.

  296. Crickit Caputo says:

    Hi Kristen,

    I have a Canon Power Shot SD850 IS. Is your book helpful for this type of camera? Or is it for more expensive cameras with extra lenses, etc?

    Thank you,
    Crickit Caputo

  297. laura skinner says:

    My husband, Terry, purchased your last ebook for me and I love it! It has helped me to be more confident in the outcome of my manual photos; I keep it in my camera bag so I always have it available when I need a quick reference.

  298. Kristen – I really enjoyed your e-book. You are helping me get out from the comforts of Auto settings! Love your simple approach to photography, your blog and emails. Thanks!

  299. Kristins book has simplified taking pictures. I need to take pictures for my blog and usually oly use auto settings Until Now. Thanks Kristin!

  300. Lorie Smith says:

    I love that it’s so small and tucks right into my camera bag for quick and easy reference. This pocket guide has really helped me turn off the auto setting and explore some of the other settings on my camera. 🙂


  301. I so need help with my camera. I’ve bought the expensive books & they are way over my head. The feedback on your book is amazing. Hope I win.

  302. I like you on FB

  303. This e-book has been a wonderful way to get started on my photography!

  304. I love this book. I have it with me to look at all the time. Thanks for all your effort.

  305. I love this book. I have learnt a lot I dont think I will be disapointed with my photos anymore.

  306. I didn’t know where to begin with my camera and just always used the auto setting. This book lays everything out in an easy to understand way! (I just saw the e-mail from you dated 8-23-11, and am happy to leave this comment because I have used your book so much). My son even studied the book and has begun to experiment with my camera!

  307. Kristen’s book is so very helpful. It is much more approachable for a novice photographer than the 250+ page manual from the camera. I’m excited to watch my skills improve under Kristen’s tutelage. Thanks!

  308. Lance Fisher says:

    I don’t consider myself a beginner. I have done a couple of weddings and a handful of family portraits. That being said I did learn quite a bit from this little ebook. My wife and I keep a copy in our camera bag. We are looking forward to the revised version. Thank you!

  309. Tracy Jackson says:

    This is the best! I carry it with my camera at all times! You’ll never find anything that makes sense like this does! Easy, quick, and so easy to understand!!! Thanks so much for helping folks like me make there awesome camera do more than “auto”!!! Yay!!!
    So, if you are new to your big fancy camera and bummed your missing all those great shots, get this and you will be set!!!

  310. I just purchased this book about on hour ago and my pictures are already exactly what I had hoped for when I bought my camera. I have spent the last week frustrated with the results, but after turning off AUTO, I am elated. Thank you so much!!

  311. When you say ‘nice, fancy camera’ does a $400 Canon Powershot SX40 fit that description, or is this book for something on the level of a Canon Rebel T2i? I’m looking into buying a nicer camera to take pictures of my kids and need help knowing how to take better pictures and was hoping your book could help me, but I want to make sure it could help me if I only spent $400 on a camera. Thanks!

  312. I have learned to NOT BE AFRAID of my camera!

  313. Coni Stormo says:

    This book has been amazing! It has made learning about my camera so much easier…and fun too! Easy to understand and beautifully put together! I had it printed and keep it in my camera bag. I recommend this to anyone who is just starting out! Thanks Kristen!

  314. I purchased the E-book yesterday, and was taking gorgeous shots by the end of the day! So helpful, so easy to understand.

  315. I love your Ebook. My pictures have improved greatly. Thank so much for putting it into a simple book for new “photographers” to be able to understand.

  316. Susan Byrd says:

    I love the original Say No to Auto e-book. Looking forward to getting the new version.

  317. Kristen, the e-book has truly been my go-to for learning how to use my camera. There’s one page that I always have out — the one that says “Challenge” and has an assignment. It always helps get me started and helps to remember which way to adjust!

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Thank you, Katy, that is so wonderful to hear! The challenge page is a great summary of the whole bit…it makes me happy to hear it is so helpful!

  318. I love your books! I think you are just a genius, and certainly talented also. I hope you don’t mind but I shared a link to your blog and your books on a post I just wrote on my blog! I was totally confused by the owner’s manual for my camera, and I was soooo happy to find your books. Thanks, and keep up the great work!

  319. I just purchased e book ‘say no to auto’ but I can’t download from my iPad. I’ve tried to open from laptop with windows though, and it’s work. Is there any other way to be able to save on my iPad?

    • Kristen Duke says:

      You have to first download it to a computer, unzip the folder, then and transfer image pages to your ipad. It says that on the purchase page, but I know there is a lot of info there. Let me know if you have trouble and I can resend a link.

  320. Is this book only for cannon users? I own a Nikon, and am interested in buying your book!

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  333. I have a CSC (compact system camera) so it has all of the settings of most DSLRs and a removable lens and all that good stuff, but it’s mirrorless and 100% digital. I always struggle finding good instructions on how to best use the camera because all the good tutorials are either for DSLR or point-and-shoot, and my camera is right in the middle! Do you think this book would help me? I’ve read through my camera’s manual, but man was it a hefty read! I’m hoping for something a little more newbie friendly!

  334. Kristen, Do you have an affiliate program for your photo ebooks? I bought this one years ago and have raved about it to so many people. I would love to advertise it on my blog and send people to you through my affiliate link. Just a random question. 😉

  335. Elizabeth Newby says:

    I love how easy this makes it to improve my photos!

  336. i love the booklet, it was one of the reasons i bought the ultimate diy bundle! can you give tips on printing as pictures? i’m not sure how to do this at walmart etc, as its a pdf… thanks!

  337. christina linn says:

    Hi my daughter has a cannon rebel eos SL1 and she is having the hardest time ever trying to take photos while in motion ( if that makes sense) do ur books help with that. She wants to take concert photos of the bands moving and it just wont stay in focus and she is ready to give up

  338. Gloria Rickey says:

    Great info & gorgeous pictures of Alaska!

  339. usefull tips.


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