Doctrine & Covenants Doctrinal Mastery Cards

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Make learning Doctrine & Covenants Doctrinal Mastery scroptures easy with these printable cards for students and families!

Many of you know that I teach an early morning seminary, a scripture study class of teenagers in my church. It’s a volunteer job. I don’t get paid, but I LOVE it! It starts at 5:45am and goes until 6:35 each weekday morning, before they head off to high school. I will likely only do that for 1 more year, but I’m excited to now teach the Doctrine and Covenants, which is what I consider modern day scripture.

Seminary Doctrine and Covenants Scripture Mastery Cards

Seminary Scripture Mastery and Doctrinal Mastery Cards

I’ve previously shared these scripture cards for:

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I do sell these sets, but only for $5 for the entire thing. I hire a designer to make them for me, and the hourly rate for all of these just adds up, she spent 50 hours on them!  So I charge a small amount to help make up that cost. I am REALLY excited about this set! I got a new designer, but I love that his set is very similar to the Old and New Testament sets I have available.

This set comes with 2 PDF documents:

  1. All 25 scriptures in 8×10 form to hang in your classroom (I introduce them one by one and hang them as we study them for a week)
  2. All 25 scriptures–4 to a page–so that each student can have a bookmark.  Either print in color or black and white for them to color on the first day it’s introduced.  These make a great gathering activity!

Doctrine and Covenant Seminary Cards

The image above is a great summary of what these Doctrine and Covenants seminary cards are like, visuals to help us remember the words, but also including every word in the scripture. I’ve given away a few free scriptures on my site from other books if you’d like a closer look, go to my: Memorize a Scripture series for a few free scripture cards.

To purchase this set of 25 Doctrine and Covenants Scripture Doctrinal Mastery Cards for $5, click on the button below.

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{When these first came out, we had some technical difficulties with the immediate download, but those bugs have been fixed now!}